Video Review: French Montana & Drake “No Stylist”

Young Thug talks with French Montana on a rooftop in New York. French Montana shows off the gold chains around his neck.

He walks down the stairs of a fashion house and sits on a couch. In the courtyard, a statue of a cherub plays a flute. A train rolls by over Broadway street. Hair stylists comb a young woman’s hair as she stands an against a caramel background.

Luka Sabbat dances on the sidewalk. Cam’ron shakes his shoulder as he stands on the corner. Drake and Montana in the house. He stands in the courtyard. A$AP Rocky shakes his head as he stands in the family room.  Montana drives while Slick Rick sips tea as he sits on top of the seat.

The models walk the runway in the fashion house. People sit in their seats and watch the models.

Drake stands against the caramel background. The models sit in their chairs, waiting for the stylists to work on their hair and makeup. A young woman shows several items of clothing to Montana. Cameras flash as Drake and Montana stand outside the house.

Montana and Slick Rick drive in the sky. Montana stands with Dapper Dan against the caramel background.

The green screen turns off and a young man hands Slick Rick a cup.

Rating: 4/5

Dapper Dan gives French Montana a tour of the fashion house and gives him a bit of the history. Montana asks about some of the pieces. Dapper Dan explains the material used and the season it was released. A young woman says one of the dresses is falling apart. Dapper Dan excuses himself and says he has to care of it.

A young man offers Montana some water or a drink. He says their is a bar downstairs. Montana says he’ll have vodka. The young man says he can sit in the chair and he’ll be back with his drink. Montana looks closer at the piece hanging in the display case. Fashion was a new hobby for him. He didn’t realize all the work that went into it. The young man apologizes for the delay and gives him his drink. Montana asks where the dressing room is. The young man says he’ll take him to it.

Montana sits on the couch as the second young woman takes pieces off the clothes rack and glances at him. Montana says he likes the green coat. The second young woman explains that, unfortunately, on him, it makes him look flashy. He needs some toned down pieces. Montana is careful as he tries on the jackets. The second young woman nods and takes notes. She says Dapper Dan will be pleased.

Directors: Glenn Michael & Christo Year: 2018


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