Video Review: Pat Benatar “We Belong”

White sheets cover Pat Benatar’s face as she sings in a tent. Her band plays between the hanging sheets. Wearing lime green gloves, she claps to the music.

She watches the water glitter as she stands near the waterfall. Children, wearing white robes and holding candles, sing on the other side.

Rating: 2.5/5

Pat Benatar bends down and runs her hands through the water. She should get back to the beach. The children walk around in their white robes and talk. One little girl tugs at her arm and says she has to go to the bathroom. She takes her hand and walks with her. The little girl says she’s been practicing for six weeks and her mom said she’s been doing a good job. Benatar waits for her in the bathroom and asks her if she needs help.

Benatar walks with the little girl back to her parents. Benatar takes her seat next to her husband. Her husband says he had to stop a meltdown. Their little girl was crying because she didn’t want to go on stage. Benatar asks him if he gave her her favorite teddy bear. He says he couldn’t find it. Benatar searches the stage and says she hopes their little girl is okay. Her husband mutters that she doesn’t need the bear and she’ll tough it out. Benatar hisses that she’s only 6 years old. The teacher introduces the choir and claps for them.

Benatar restrains herself from touching her husband’s leg. They were at least talking again. If he wanted to kiss her, she’d let him initiate it. She wasn’t sure what he was thinking anymore. However, he seemed to care. She had spat the word divorce in a heated argument and he had walked out. Her daughter kept asking when daddy was coming home and she said she didn’t know. She kept looking at the door, hoping he’d return.

At midnight, he walked back in the door. She whispered to him that she didn’t want a divorce. She was upset and it just came out. He took off his jacket and said part of her had to mean it. He got some sheets and said he was going to sleep on the couch. For the past six weeks, they talked about their schedules and made sure someone was going to be at school to pick up their daughter. Their conversation was best they had in about a month. He tells her they’ll go out to dinner together after the concert. She says and their daughter is going to want hamburgers and french fries, though.

Director: Marty Callner Year: 1984

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