Video Review: Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo”

From a stereo, a DJ says he’s “broadcasting live from the So So Def Beach Party” and says he’s going to play the most popular song at the moment, Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo.” A young woman takes off her pants at the pool.

A second young woman dries her face with her towel in her bedroom. Wearing a bikini, her best friend paints her toenails as she sits on her friend’s bed.

Two young women wash a truck and dance in the driveway.

At the So So Def Beach Party, the DJ spins records at his booth while people dance on the patio. A third young woman jumps in the pool.

The second young woman and her friend dance in her bedroom. She asks her friend her opinion about a yellow top. She chooses a pair of shorts.

The lifeguard (Jermaine Dupri) stands up in his chair and blows his whistle. The people set up their volleyball game.

A shirtless twentysomething rides his bicycle. People toss a beach ball in the pool. A fourth young woman lies on the lounge chair and taps her hand to the music. The shirtless twentysomething calls up the the second young woman’s friend. She talks to him and he wipes his face. The second young woman’s friend puts a long t-shirt over her bikini and they leave.

They arrive at the party. A beach ball is tossed into Dupri’s empty chair.

Rating: 3/5

The second young woman tucks her So So Def Beach Party tickets in her purse. She spent a week attached to her phone to win them from the radio station. The DJ had answered and asked her to guess the So So Def song. She knew it right away. She wasn’t even nervous. The DJ asked her who she was going to take with her. She said her best friend.

Her best friend calls her 10 minutes later and squeals. She says she can’t wait to go. The second young woman says they have to go shopping for outfits. Jermaine Dupri is probably going to be there and she wants to wear something nice. Her friend says they are finally going to meet him.

Her best friend tells her to turn left. On the radio, the DJ talks with Dupri. The second young woman says he’s going to be gone by the time they get there. Her friend says the party is going to be late. She doubts he’s going to leave at 6 p.m.

At the party, she walks in and looks for Jermaine Dupri. Her friend says she’s going to need a drink first. The second young woman glances at the DJ booth and says he’s not there. The DJ from the radio station asks them about the party. The second young woman sips her drink and says it’s so much fun. The DJ remarks that her friend is already dancing. Her friend says they are her favorite station.

Her friend points out Dupri on the beach. The second young woman says they have to get over there. The second young woman scrambles in her purse for their meet and greet passes. Her friend adjusts her wristband. The second young woman hands over their passes. They squeal and say they are going to talk to him. Her friend spots Dupri at the bar. The second young woman says they are going there first and then signing up to play volleyball. Her friend asks if she’s looks okay. The second young woman brushes a piece of loose hair away from her friend’s face. Her friend waves to him. Dupri waves back and motions for them to come over. The young woman and her friend smile at one another.

Director: N/A Year: 1996

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