Video Review: Justin Bieber “Yummy”

Cameras flash as Justin Bieber walks through a kitchen of a restaurant. He removes his hood and ruffles his hair while the children’s band plays on a stage. He sits at the table and nods at the 14-year-old girl playing the violin. She pauses and side-eyes him.

A server brings a stack of cheese to him. He dances in his seat. A fiftysomething woman sits next to him and eats her melon. He takes a bite of his cheese and nods at the seventysomething man next to him. A fortysomething woman sits down and he takes a piece of her cake from her plate. The server brings a tray of gelatin to the table as he greets a twentysomething man. A fork hits a bubblegum pink jello mold. He dabs his mouth with a napkin. Wearing a pair of oversized glasses, he continues to dance in his seat. A kitten sniffs the food on the table.

A fortysomething man picks a cheese curl from a plate. Bieber holds a lobster in his hands. His jaw elongates. He dances near his table. The people dance with him.

Lit in electric blue, a seventysomething man eats some food from his young girlfriend’s hand. Bieber takes off his sweatshirt and dances on the table. Some people stand on their tables and join the routine.

Bieber sits with his arms crossed against his chest as a server cleans the tables.

Rating: 1/5

The twentysomething woman scoffs as she enters Bieber’s credit card information into the register. He left her a $5 tip. However, he was able to pay for the people’s meals who sat at his table. A busboy, walking past her with a mop, says, he and two others are still finding food under Bieber’s table. A second server remarks that her customers complained that she didn’t do anything even though they were at Bieber’s table. Their boss passes by and tells them to stop talking and finish cleaning.

The twentysomething woman sets up her tables and steps on some fries. She groans and picks it up with a rag. People could be such slobs. The fiftysomething woman was shoving them into her face. The twentysomething woman had lost her appetite for a sandwich watching her. A second server says she’s embarrassed she once had a crush on Bieber. The twentysomething woman says she was excited to wait on him. But he hardly acknowledged her. She was a fan since she was a kid and went to every single one of his concerts. She’s skipping the tour this time around and saving her money.

The twentysomething woman punches out at 2 a.m. Her stomach growls as she walks to her car. She didn’t eat much during her break. Rolling down her window, the scent of hamburgers from the fast food restaurant travels into her car and she gags. She drinks some water and puts her leftovers in the backseat. Eating is the last possible thing she ever wants to do.

Director: Bardia Zeinali Year: 2020

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