Video Review: Koffee & Gunna “W”

The parishioners clap in the church. The minister, during his sermon, says “I want to encourage somebody today that the sun will shine again. Some things were meant to live. ” Koffee nods as she sits in the pew. The minister continues, “Lord up in the heavens, show them your blessings, on your people.”

A boat sails on the ocean as the lightning strikes in the royal blue sky. An 8-year-old boy walks up the counter at the store. In the corner, a reporter explains the tornado warning is in effect. People run with lumber and board their houses.

Lit in copper, Koffee sings as people ride ATV’s around her in a sandy field.

She stands on a box outside, covered in royal blue.

Against a cobalt background, a thirtysomething woman fixes her bangs. A fiftysomething man smiles as he touches his chin. Koffee folds her arms across her chest.

Koffee performs with the choir inside the church. She leads them.

A twentysomething woman hangs clothes on the clothesline and picks up a dollar bill. She looks up at the clouds and sees money falling. A thirtysomething woman makes dinner as she listens to the news. Lit in sea green, she sits in a chair with her child and kisses him as they listen to the news. Back in royal blue, money flies into the window of a Gunna’s home.

Lit in crimson, Gunna stands in his home. Back in sea green, a fortysomething man turns to his family as they watch the reporter hold money in his hands. The man tries to hold back the door. However, the wind pushes it open and money flies inside.

Koffee holds onto a handful of money in the church. People raise their hands as it falls from the ceiling. The parishioners pass around the collection plate. Back in crimson, she carries a flare in her home.

People jump up and down in the streets to catch the money. The 8-year-old makes money angels on the ground.

Rating: 4.5/5

Koffee stuffs the money in purse. She hands it to her friend and fills up another purse. Her friend points the sky and says the money is still pouring down. Koffee says she has enough for now and says they should move to another spot. Her friend picks up money and puts it in her sack. As her friend looks over her shoulder, Koffee says no one is going to bother her.

Koffee walks into her home and dumps places her purses on the table. She cleans up the money around her house. She’ll take it to the bank tomorrow. People had been praying for relief. Her neighbors hadn’t been able to pay their bills. She had to choose between between food and rent. However, she feared the government taking their newfound savings away. She stays up all night, peering through her blinds. A young boy does money angels on the road. No government officials have touched it yet.

Government eventually hiked their taxes and companies took advantage. However, the she and her neighbors were able to fight back against it. They refused to pay the fees and were able to open their own businesses. Koffee quit her job at the resort. She, like her neighbors, were no longer dependent on the tourists. She invests her money and starts a non-profit. Other countries were in need of relief and struggling  with their man-made disasters. She donates the money and travels to the areas to help. It was the least she could do.

Director: Matt Baron Year: 2019

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