Video Review: Lisa Stansfield “Time To Make You Mine”

A naked Lisa Stansfield falls on the grass. A young man flies above her, his body twisting and turning. He lands next to her. Animated tattoos of rainbow wings flap on her arm. A peacock opens its feathers on her left arm. A fish swims in the ocean on her stomach. A forest green hand touches her ankle. A young man sleeps within the leaves.

Sunflowers grow as the forest green hand touches her again. She and the young man turn towards to one another.

Against a sky blue background, circles and lines fill her back. Dollar signs bounces on both of her shoulders.

While she lies on the grass, an animated butterfly flies on her arm. She closes her eyes and turns her head.

Rating: 2/5

Lisa Stansfield and her boyfriend walk in the field, holding hands. She kisses him and tells him to take off his clothes. He says he can’t. Someone will see them. She runs her hand on her chest and says that’s what makes it fun. She takes off her pants and shirt. Pressing her body against him, she says for him to make love to her.

A fortysomething woman shouts at them to get up. Stansfield gasps and covers herself. Her boyfriend grabs his shirt and puts it over his butt. The fortysomething woman says the field is private property and tells them to leave before she calls police. Stansfield apologizes and says to give them a few minutes. The fortysomething woman points to the street and says “now!” She and her boyfriend run with their clothes covering her private parts.

They dress behind the tree. Some cars honk at them. Her boyfriend looks over his shoulder and says they have to get back to his car somehow. She puts on her shoes and says they can go through the other side. He says it’s still in the view of the fortysomething woman’s house. She shrugs and tells him to relax. He sighs and says they were fortunate not to get caught as he walks on the shoulder of the road. She asks him where he’s going. He says he’s looking for a payphone. Someone is going to have to drive them to their car. She groans and says she’s tired. He snaps his head around and glares at her.

Director: John Lindauer Year: 1992

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