Video Review: Stormzy “Disappointed”

Lit in thullian, Stormzy sips from his coffee cup and walks in the hallway of his home.

Lit in royal blue, he sits by the soundboard in the studio.

Back in his hallway, he exhales as he smokes his cigarette. He shrugs and continues to drink his coffee.

Rating: 3.5/5

Stormzy pulls his phone back and asks himself where the insults came from. He’d been supportive of his colleagues. To see one of his peers attack him, ticks him off. He puts his phone on the table and asks himself what is wrong with his colleague. They were talking at the last party, toasting to their careers. He considered his colleague family.

Stormzy puts a K-cup in his coffee maker and shakes his head. He expected better from his colleague. It was low things to do. However, firing off an bitter rant on social media won’t reach his colleague. His colleague needed a proper response. Sipping his coffee, he writes down his thoughts about the situation as he sits at the table. He calls the recording studio and asks if there’s any time available. He explains the situation and they find him a slot.

The producer tells Stormzy that he wants to stay on his good side. Stormzy says he was a tough thing to do. His colleague crossed a line and he can’t let it go. The producer nods and replies that it’s understandable. Stormzy thanks for coming in at such short notice. The producer says he had read the posts online and hoped he would ask him to help. Stormzy says he owes him a favor. The producer says it wasn’t anything. Stormzy asks to send him the final track as soon as possible. The producer says he’ll be sent to him within a few hours. Stormzy waves and says it was good working with him again. The producer waves and listens to the track again.

Director: Kaylum Year: 2020

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