Video Review: Summer Walker & Usher “Come Thru”

A car does donuts in the 285 Flea Mart parking lot at night, Lit in hunter green, Summer Walker rides on the back of Usher’s motorcycle as they drive.

Lit magenta, she sits on the hood of a car. Usher sits next to her.

Lit in teal, she sits on the table of an electronics booth. She looks up and sees a jewelry store. Usher leans against the gate.

Usher sits in a white car in the parking lot. Lit in crimson, Usher and two dancers perform a routine. in the parking lot.

Walker and Usher walk past the booths in the flea market. They hold hands and dance.

She sits the jewelry store’s table.

She sits on the hood of the Usher’s car. Usher leans against his car.

Rating: 4/5

Summer Walker puts $5 in the vending machine and picks out the type of hair she wants. Usher says she’ll look great in blonde. She gets out of the machine and says she wants to try something new. Usher puts a shirt over his chest and asks for her opinion. She tells him it’d be fine for being at home. However, it’s too casual for work. He says he’s going to get it anyhow.

She sits in the chair and checks her social media while he gets his hair cut. The stylist tells her that her boy is getting fresh with her today. She waves it off and says she can have him. Usher calls out “hey” and laughs. She says his hair is looking good. The stylist turns Usher around in the chair to face Walker. Walker nods in approval. The stylist pats him on the shoulder and tells him to behave. Walker shakes her head and says it’s not going to happen. Usher pays at the register and takes her hand.

Usher waves to the young man behind the electronics booth. Walker says she has to check to see if some sort of a receiver. They talk with the young man and Walker says she’ll probably be back next weekend. Walker admires a purse hanging on the rack. She asks the fortysomething woman if there a lot left. The young woman tells her she’ll save one for next week. Walker gives her a hug and asks about her granddaughter. The fortysomething woman takes out her phone and shows her and Usher a video of her granddaughter walking. Walker exclaims that she’s adorable. The fortysomething woman remarks that she’s getting into everything. Usher looks at the time and says they should get going. Walker promises to stop by next weekend. The fortysomething woman says she knows she can rely on her.

Director: Lacey Duke Year: 2020

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