Video Review: Ashlee Simpson “Boyfriend”

Ashlee Simpson speeds down an alley. She looks over her shoulder and sees two police cars chasing after her. As she parks by a building, a young man pulls the gate. She walks into an unfinished building. Her band turns on the amplifiers and gets their instruments. She picks up the microphone and performs. A group of people cheer and dance for her.

A few students watch their classmates run in the hallway during class. A young man picks up his half-eaten sandwich while people leave the restaurant. A police officer catches a second young man and arrests him. The police officer ducks as a third young man jumps over the car with his bicycle.

Abandoned bicycles lie on the pavement. The servers, cook and owner leave their restaurant unattended. A teacher finishes writing on the board and sees no one sitting at their desks.

Simpson drops the mic on stage. A thirtysomething man shouts “yeah!” He turns around and she leaps into his arms. She throws her head back and laughs as he carries her out of the building.

Rating: 2/5

The thirtysomething man explains to Ashlee Simpson’s parents that he has been auditioning for several pilots and currently waiting to hear from the network. Her father wipes his face with a napkin and says “good.” Her mother says she’ll get dessert. He shoots a worried look. She pats him on the knee and says that he was on a show for years. The thirtysomething man says it was really popular and the residuals are helping to take care of her. Simpson smiles as her parents nod. Her dad says he only watched one episode of his show and that was it.

As Simpson and thirtysomething man walk to the club, he says that her parents really didn’t like him. She says they’ll get used to him. He asks if they read the tabloids. She says her parents know better. He says hello to the photographers and she holds his hand.

He checks his phone as they enter the back door of the club and says it’s his ex-girlfriend. She says to give her the phone. She calls his ex-girlfriend and asks who it is. His ex-girlfriend calls her a sneaky bitch. She calls her a has-been. His ex-girlfriend retorts that it takes one to know one. She closes her phone and says his ex-girlfriend is a psycho.

The thirtysomething man dances on the floor and she covers her face. She was the fifth person he dated within her group. Her friends warned her not to get into a relationship with him. He was good for some sex but nothing more. However, they had been spotted together and her parents had asked about her new boyfriend. She had no choice but to date him for a few months. He waves at her from the dancefloor and she smiles at him.

Director: Marc Webb Year: 2005

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