Video Review: Mustard & Roddy Ricch “Ballin'”

Two cassettes of Mustard’s Ballin’ lie on the carpet. Mustard and Roddy Ricch perform on a television show. One eight-year-old boy listen to the song on their headphones. A second eight-year-old boy reads a magazine on his bed.

Roddy Ricch stands up in the sports car as Mustard drives.

The eight-year-old boy dances in the bedroom while his friend jumps on the bed. They sing along with the television show. The eight-year-old boy rolls the dice and puts some Monopoly money on the carpet. His friend takes a look at his cards. The eight-year-old boys coughs and adds $500 to his winnings.

Mustard and Roddy Rich play craps at the casino. The people fold as Mustard reveals his hand. He takes his winnings. The eight-year-old boys throw the money on the floor.

Lit in hot pink, money falls from the ceiling at the strip club. A young woman shakes her butt at Mustard and Roddy Ricch. They wave the money in their hands.

A bartender takes a young man’s order at the bar. Two people clink their glasses. The eight-year-olds toast themselves and guzzle their sports drinks. They play with their toy cars on the sidewalk. Mustard waves to the eight-year-old boys. They exclaim “wow!” and wave back. It license plate reads: “RIP NIP.” The toy car follows Mustard’s on the road.

Rating: 3/5

The eight-year-old boys thumb through the vinyl. The eight-year-old says he knows his parents just bought the new Mustard song. His friend comments they have a good collection and looks at a record sleeve. The eight-year-old says his parents play that all the time. They grab several records, including Mustard’s, and run back into the bedroom. One record falls and his friend picks it up.

As they listen to the song, the eight-year-old says he wants to become a producer someday. He’ll use samples from his parents’ collection to create his beats. His friend says he’ll rap his on his first song and they’ll become famous. The eight-year-old says he’ll buy a big house for his parents. His friend says he’ll buy a sports team or two. The eight-year-old asks if he wants to play cards. His friend asks him not to cheat again. The eight-year-old boy promises he won’t and tucks a $500 Monopoly money in his pocket. The eight-year-old boy wins and his friend punches his arm and says he cheated. The eight-year-old says he realized it. His friend yells “cheater!”

The eight-year-old’s mom walks into the bedroom and folds her arm across her chest. The eight-year-old boy says he cheated and he’s sorry. His friend says it’s okay. The eight-year-old’s mom tells them to go outside and play. His friend says he doesn’t want to do this anymore. The eight-year-old boy tells him it’s only a game and he didn’t mean it. They go silent and watch Mustard drive by. They jump up and down and run to tell the eight-year-old’s mom. The eight-year-old’s mom hands them a plate of cookies and tells them to clean up the bedroom and put the records back. Nicely. They call out that they will.

Director: Arrad Year: 2019

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