Video Review: Alicia Keys “If I Ain’t Got You”

Alicia Keys plays the piano on the rooftop of an apartment building in New York City, New York. She taps her foot on the snow.

Her boyfriend (Method Man) and his friends move the piano into their apartment. She sees the piano in the apartment and touches the keys. They kiss in the kitchen.

He hangs out by the liquor store. She plays the piano as he sleeps in their bed.

She walks down the steps of a building and walks to her boyfriend’s car. He drives a few feet away as she reaches for the handle.

He puts a fur coat around her as she sits in bed. She takes it off and talks with him. He pours milk into his cereal and she argues with him while she sits at the table. She hits the wall and he walks out the door. She walks to his usual parking spot and waits. He mutters a remark to his friend as he walks on the sidewalk.

Rating: 5/5

The fur coat was comfortable. She smiled as she looked at herself wearing it in the mirror. It had to go to back to the store, though. They couldn’t afford to keep it. She searches on the counter for the receipt. Her boyfriend had thrown it there in the morning. She was relieved to see him sleeping in their bed. He had walked out after their argument. He must’ve come back sometime during the night.

She was grateful for him. He helped her with the apartment and went to work every day. He stepped in whenever her parents needed some work done in their house. However, he believed he had to buy her love. The piano was a wonderful surprise. She had to get rid of her piano years ago and wasn’t able to afford another one. He had told her that hearing her play again was enough to make him happy. The fur coat, though, was too much. She told him to bring it back to the store. He had taken it personally and told her he wouldn’t buy her anything ever again. She tried to explain to him that it wasn’t about the coat.

He turns to her and asks her about the weather as she walks into the apartment. She rubs his shoulders and says it’s freezing outside. He points to the refrigerator and says there’s leftover chicken salad in the fridge. She says she loves him and says it’s the fact that he remembers to leave her some leftovers for her are the reasons why. It’s not fur coats or pianos. It’s who he is. He grins and says he’s going to watch a movie. She says it’s his pick. He says he wants to watch a comedy. She hugs him and puts his favorite blanket on the couch.

Director: Diane Martel Year: 2004

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