Video Review: Jon Pardi “Heartache Medication”

Against  a ceramic wood background,, Jon Pardi plays the guitar.

He opens the door of the bar and walks to the counter. The bartender says hello to him and makes his drink. He sits and sips his drink. He leaves the bar and walks to the next bar. At the second bar, he slams down the shot and leaves after another drink.

Walking through mutli-colored lights, he gestures for a drink as he sits at the counter at the third bar. He watches the women ride the mechanical bull. A thirtysomething woman catches his eye. He stands at the jukebox and she walks over to him. They talk. He takes her hand and they line dance. As they leave the bar together, he puts his arm around her. He dances with her on the sidewalk.

Rating: 2/5

Jon Pardi carries a box in his new house. His girlfriend opens the door for him and says she hopes it the last one. He says they can take a break and he’ll order some food for them. She sits on the chair and stretches out her legs. Pardi pats her on the knee and asks her if she wants coney dogs. She says she’d like some soup, too. He taps the app and types in the order. She says it feels so good to sit down.

It was their home. They had looked for at least several months before they were finally able to get a successful bid. Up until two years ago, though, he had lived alone and went to the bar almost every night. Every bartender in the downtown area knew him by his usual drink. He didn’t stay long at the bars. There was no one he wanted to meet. He wanted his ex-girlfriend but she could care less. However, he was at the bar at one night and found himself liking a woman, who would become his girlfriend.

He cared about his life again and cut down on his drinking. His girlfriend liked her wine. At her apartment, though, he found some hidden bottles in the closet and in a few cabinets. He had found them but didn’t say anything. She could’ve forgotten about them. She opens the refrigerator and opens a bottle of wine. He says he’s good. She pours herself a drink and says they should celebrate. He tells her he’s going to pick up the food.

Director: Warren P. Sonoda Year: 2019

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