Video Review: Johnny Gill “My, My My”

A young woman leans against a beige wall. A shirtless Johnny Gill closes his eyes as he stands opposite of her. She removes her jacket and covers her chest. Wearing a corset, she walks by the wall.

With his shirt wide open, he watches her as he stands by a column. She leans against the wall, touching the sequins of her red dress.

Wearing a yellow shirt and khakis, he sits a stool with a city landscape behind him.

In her red dress, she touches his face. She stares at the architecture of the wall and turns to stare at Gill.

In black-and-white, she leans in to kiss him. He touches the straps of her nightgown and kisses her chest. Back in color, they sleep together on the floor. Back in black-and-white, she turns in her sheer dress.

Back in color, he stands shirtless by the wall.

Wearing a black crop top and skirt, she looks up. She takes off his shirt and hugs him.

Rating: 3.5/5

Johnny Gill took a deep breath. He couldn’t take his eyes off the young woman. She seemed to be taking a moment for herself and he wanted to respect it. He puts his glass on the table and unbuttons his shirt. She folds her arms and stares at him. He walks to her as she holds her gaze. She leans against the wall as he puts his arms around her. He whispers that he wants her. She kisses him.

They make love on the floor. As she gets dressed, she says she has to get back to the party. He puts his arms around her and tells her not yet. She doesn’t resist his touch as he kisses her. She lies next to him and says people must be wondering she is. He says for her not to worry.

He helps her put on her dress and says he enjoyed being with her. She says they may run into each other again. He watches her as she leaves the room, sequined clutch in hand. He zips up his jeans and walks back to the party.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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