Video Review: Selena Gomez “Rare”

Multi-colored lights shine on Selena Gomez as she walks in a forest. Wearing a nude halter dress, she sits up in the grass. She tilts her head as bubbles fly by her. A royal blue lavender sits on her nose as she lies in the grass.

A rainbow patch glows behind her as she kneels in the grass. A neon green light outlines her spot. Flowers surround her.

The forest turns dark as she dances.

Rainbow light shines on her as she swims in the pool.

Wearing a peach, sequined dress, she sits on a bed of iridescent sheets.

She walks to a hologram version of herself standing on a tree stump.

The bed rotates on a multi-colored lit dance floor.

She blows magical dust on the spiderweb. In silhouette, multi-colored lights spark throughout her body. A bubble pops around her and it rains multi-colored droplets. Water crystallizes into silver pieces in her hand. Her hand becomes metal.

In the pool, she looks into the mirror and it explodes.

With forest green painted body, she touches her glitter streaked face.

Rating: 5/5

The fox bows its head at Selena Gomez. She reaches out her hand and waits for him to approach her. He nuzzles her hand and she touches the wound on his stomach. The wound closes up and the fox leans into her arms. She kisses it head and tells him he’s safe now.

She searches the forest for the key. It was to tell her destiny. It changed places each time. She finds it on the tree stump and asks it if she will ever be normal. The hologram responds she is at one with nature and hasn’t the realized her true strength. She is not to be ashamed of the power within her.

Her ex-boyfriend seemed to be like her. People were drawn to his warmth and charm. They often went on hikes together. He had touched a dying tree and the leaves brightened. She raises her hand and a butterfly lands on her finger. She changes its color to lavender. Her boyfriend shrugs and says his family has been capable of glamours for years. She asks him to explain. He says everyone has some sort of power. She, like everyone else, only has the ability for tricks but nothing more. Animals were crying in the forest but she turned away. She linked her arm with his hand and hid parts of herself. She watched as his power corrupt him. He listened in on private thoughts and blackmailed people with it. He had no value for human life and saw those lacking power as undesirables. He eventually left her for a high-ranking sorceress and deemed her a failure.

However, she was who the high-ranking sorceress feared. She had deflected some of the sorceress’s schemes to dilute her of her power. A hologram of her ancestor appeared before her and advised she would one day rule the sorceress. As the light shines around her, she realizes she knows where her path leads.

Director: BRTHR Year: 2020

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