Video Review: Megan Thee Stallion & Normani “Diamonds”

Normani and Megan Thee Stallion drive in a car in Gotham City. Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) roller skates behind them and hangs onto the back of the car.

They wield baseball bats as they enter the Quinn’s lair. Several assassins wait for them. Normani stands by the giant hands and dances. Quinn slides underneath one of the assasins and throws another into a pop art painting of herself on the wall. At the the entrance, Normani swings her bat. Megan Thee Stallion throws several assassins on the red lined floor. Quinn rolls an oversized ball towards an assassin.

Hot pink glitter flies in the air Normani sings on a silver ring. She and several female dancers perform on the red carpeted stairs on stage.

Megan Thee Stallion whacks joker heads in a gold, fringed dress while she stands on a runway.

Quinn, dressed as Lorelei Lee from the 1953 film, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, bites the men’s gloves and pulls them from her. She dances with them.

Normani and Megan Thee Stallion leave Quinn’s lair.

Rating: 3/5

Everything for the most part, was going according to plan. Normani says she sees Harley’s lair up ahead. Megan Once they park, Megan Thee Stallion checks the trunk for additional weapons. Normani tells her Harley said she’d leave them by the entrance. Megan Thee Stallion tucks a knife in her bustier, saying she wasn’t sure if she could believe Harley or not. Harley whips around them in her roller skates and lets out a maniacal laugh. Megan Thee Stallion pats her chest. Harley rolls towards her and takes the knife out of her chest and calls her a silly girl. They watch as Harley skates to the entrance.

Normani and Megan Thee Stallion exchange glances. Harley had figured out who was stealing from them. Normani had insisted on telling the police. However, as Harley mentioned, they were useless in Gotham and besides, they could get it back without anyone ever finding out.

In the lair, Normani and Megan Thee Stallion fight the assasins who took their money. Harley knocks them out and opens their wallets. She hands them over their money. Megan Thee Stallion says they are all right. Harley taps her nose and says she wouldn’t lie to them. Normani offers Harley half. Megan Thee Stallion mouths “what?” to her. Harley says they actually have double what they had before. Normani says to let her know if she ever needs any help. Harley swivels in her skates and says she knows she’ll call in the favor someday.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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