Video Review: *NSYNC “I Want You Back”

In black-and-white, a young woman rides her bicycle in Orlando, Florida.

A theater features *N Sync. As lights flash, Justin, J.C., Chris, Joey and Lance dance on the pavement at night.

Back in black-and-white, they play pool. J.C. drives around the city. They play basketball on the court and ride ski-doos in the water. J.C. talks with the young woman as he drives her home. He drops her off and shakes his head.

They dance against a silver, floating sheet near the theater.

Back in black-and-white, J.C. scores a three-pointer on the court. J.C., Lance, Justin, Chris and Joey sing along with the radio. Justin and Chris squirt water from their bottles on each other. Justin spins the basketball on his finger. Chris steals it from him. The young woman waits by the steps for them.

Rating: 3/5

Justin does a celebratory dance on the basketball court. J.C. drinks his water and stares at the cracked pavement. Joey pats him on the shoulder and says he can kick Justin’s butt when they play pool. J.C. rubs his forehead and says he accused the young woman of flirting with Justin. Joey raises his eyebrows and says Justin would tell him if the young woman tried anything with him. J.C. says he knows but just the thought of it, it seemed so believable at the time. Justin points to J.C. and Joey and says he challenges them to a game of pool and runs to the car. He calls out “shotgun!” J.C. shoots Joey an annoyed look and Joey laughs.

Justin sings in the backseat and sits on top of the seat. J.C. had given up a long time ago telling Justin to calm down. Lance turns around and tells Justin that J.C. has a headache. Justin sits back in the seat and nods his head. J.C. mouths “thanks” to Lance and continues to drive.

Lance asks him how J.C. how he’s feeling. J.C. says he’s better and takes his turn. He stands next to Lance and says he called the young woman, though. Lance says she’ll talk to him eventually. J.C. says he hopes so. Their server taps Justin on the shoulder and lets them their food is ready. Justin pumps his arms and dances to the table. Joey covers his face with his hands as he walks with J.C., Chris and Lance to their table. J.C. takes a bite of his fry and says it’s been a good day. Justin says they heard about what happened. Chris says it was their first major argument and she’ll come around. Joey tells J.C. to let them if she calls. J.C. says he will and takes out his wallet to pay his part. Justin puts his hand on the check and says he’ll get it for him. J.C. tells them thanks and checks his pager. He says he’s going to make a phone call. At the payphone, he dials his ex-girlfriend’s phone number and says he got her message on his pager.

Directors: Jesse Vaughn & Douglas Biro Year: 1998

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