Video Review: Halsey “You Should Be Sad”

Halsey gets out of her Trans Arm. Wearing a black bikini and cowboy hat, she walks to the door and knocks on it. A a person lets her inside. Lit in seafoam green, she walks by people kissing and holding onto one another.

People dance around her in a circle as she stands on the dance floor. They touch and rub against her. She stands in the center and they join in her line dance. She spreads her legs and rubs hay on her thighs. She and the people lie on the floor, touching each other.

Wearing a black strapless dress and long gloves on her hand, she sings as people sit around her.

Wearing a leopard print pants, hoodie and bra top, she dances on a pyramid of hay. A golden chandelier hangs on the ceiling.

In silhouette, she tilts her head back as she sits on a horse. Naked, with long blonde hair covering her private parts, she lies on the white horse.

Rating: 3/5

Halsey parks by an unmarked building. She glances at the password, which she wrote on her phone. After several searches online and signing a waiver, she was able to receive it. The person opens the door for her once she says the password.

She talks to a married young woman and man. They say she’s pretty and ask if she’d like to hang out with them. She thanks them for the drink and says she’s not ready commit to anything yet. There was a young woman dancing who caught her eye. Halsey taps on the shoulder and offers to buy her drink. The young woman sits with her at a table. They talk about their ex-boyfriends. The young woman wants to know if she’s staying for the kissing game. Halsey says she’s going to perform tonight. The young woman smiles and says she’s talking to a star tonight. Halsey blushes and says they had a cancellation and management asked if she could fill in.

She touches the men and women as they lie on the floor together. She reaches for the young woman. The young woman crawls closer to be near her. The young woman asks her if she wants to get a room. Halsey responds yes. They walk up to the bar and receive the key.

Halsey cries as the young woman touches her. The young woman pulls back and strokes her hair. Halsey thought she was ready but she’s not. The young woman says they can sit together. Halsey wipes her eyes and apologizes. The young woman rests her head on her shoulder and tells her it’s okay. She’s among friends.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2020

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