Video Review: The System “Don’t Disturb This Groove”

Rotating between color and black-and-white, Mic drives his car in the desert. Mic and Paul carry their luggage and instruments to their hotel room. In the next room, a young woman and her friend press their ears against the wall as Mic and Paul perform. The color rotates to a cornflower blue and rotates between color and black-and-white again.

Lit in cornflower blue, the young woman dances around the hotel room.

The sun rises over the mountains as Mic dances. The young woman walks in the desert. Mic leans against his car. The young woman lies on a rock. She runs on the road.

Mic and Paul stand with the young woman and her friend on the balcony. Mic and Paul leave. The maid pushes her cart to the room and opens the door.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman walks by Mic and Paul’s table in the dining area and asks if it was them playing last night. Mic responds that yes. They were rehearsing for their show. The young woman says that they are System. Paul confirms it’s them and gestures for her friend to come over. The young woman says she has tickets to their show tonight. Mic pats the seat next to him and tells her to sit down. She sits next to him and says she’s so excited to meet them. Paul says if they know of anywhere to hang out for the day. She suggests the mountains and that a lot of people hike them.

The young woman, her friend, Paul and Mic ride the bicycles on the trail and play bocce ball. They take a walk and watch the ocean. Paul checks the time and says they need to get back. Mic says they can still hang out with him at soundcheck. The young woman says she’d like to stop at her room first to change. Mic and Paul says it’s fine.

The young woman opens her hotel room door and says she’s had a lot of fun today. Mic touches her cheek and she asks if he’d like to come into room. Mic kisses her and they fall onto the bed. Between kisses, the young woman says they are going to be late. Mic tells her it won’t be a problem and he’ll make up something.

At soundcheck, their manager stands with his hands on his hips as he watches Mic and Paul walk in with the women. He tells them they only a half hour to run through everything. Mic says it was car trouble. The manager shakes his head and tells them to get on stage.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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