Video Review: Christina Aguilera “What A Girl Wants”

A young man rides his bicycle in the studio and tosses a basketball to some young men sitting against the wall. A DJ listens to the song on the turntable. Several young women, including Christina Aguilera, walk into the room. The young men turn around and watch them. Aguilera’s boyfriend puts his arm around her. She places her finger on his lips and he sits on the couch. She tells him to “close your eyes.” He puts his hands over his eyes and peeks. She smiles and says “uh huh.”

He grins as he watches she and their friends perform a dance routine. She sits on her boyfriend’s lap and joins the routine again.

She sits on the speakers.

Wearing a long, curly wig and gown, she sits on a bed and holds a fan. She sits up and shows off her garter. Her friends gasp. Her friends dab their faces with their handkerchiefs as they dance around her.

She and her friends continue to dance. Her boyfriend stands behind her. She leans against his chest and looks into his eyes.

Rating: 2.5/5

Christina Aguilera tickles her boyfriend and laughs. He kisses her and asks her to help him with his lines. She sits with him and reads with him. He gets stuck mid-sentence and she finishes it for him. He curses and says he knew it. She says they still have time to get it down. He says he wishes he was in the chorus. She says he’d be bored. He says she’s right and starts the scene over again.

During rehearsal, the director tells Aguilera to cut her flirtatious antics out. Her character is tightly wound and would be embarrassed if people saw her garter. She flips up her gown and at the director. Her friends giggle and she shrugs. The director says if she’s continue the behavior, he’ll put in her understudy. Aguilera straightens her skirt and lies back on the bed again.

Her boyfriend hands her a bottle of water and tells she’s naughty. She takes a sip and says, “so you heard?” He says he thinks her understudy almost thought she had the part, though. Aguilera says it’s probably the most excitement the director’s had. Her boyfriend guffaws and spits out his drink. His best friend says that was a good one. Aguilera groans and says she has so much homework to do once she gets the home. Her boyfriend says he can look over her essay. She says something’s not working and she isn’t sure what it is. He says she’ll figure it out. She says she wish the play were over by now, though. Her boyfriend sits next to her and she rests her head on his shoulder.

Director: Diane Martel Year: 1999

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