Video Review: Future & Drake “Life Is Good”

Future and Drake pick up garbage from the curb at 5:30 a.m. in an upper-class neighborhood.

Drake places a cellphone on its display stand in the store. He pats one of his co-workers (Big Bank Black) one the shoulders and answers a question for another co-worker (Lil Yachty).

Drake slides from underneath a car and holds a wrench. He dances in the shop and cleans his hands with a rag. A young woman talks into the speaker at the drive-thru. Future hands an order to a customer waiting his car. Future and Drake dance in the kitchen.

In a server room, Drake searches for the correct outlet. Future pulls out a cord, causing the electricity to go out. He puts it back in and restores the power. Future decorates a cake in the kitchen of a restaurant. Drake mixes the batter. Back at the shop, Future checks out a young woman’s butt as she sits in a chair. He sits next to her. A car’s engine burns behind him.

Future flips burgers on the grill at the fast food restaurant. Their boss (Mike Will I Made It) shakes his head. At the register, the cashier (21 Savage) drinks from a cup as he takes someone’s order. A sixtysomething man smokes in line. During their break, Future says he plans to “buy studio time” Drake says he wants to make a video.

On Xtv, Drake and Future dance on a tilted, multi-colored dance floor.

Drake gives a soda to his female co-worker. They clink styrofoam cups. Future hands a second young woman his phone number.

The female co-worker, dressed in jeans and a low-cut top, dances with Future and Drake on the tilted dance floor. Director X asks for “one more.” Director X walks back to the camera. Future sits by the camera. Director X tells Drake he needs 35 mill. Drake calls out “35 mill, please.” Director X says “one more time” and Drake says he’s the boss.

Rating: 5/5

Drake starts the morning meeting at the electronics store. He tells the store’s stats yesterday and says they almost reached their goal. He says today they can do it. Future claps his hands and says they can do it. Drake walks to the door and opens it. The people walk in and Future lets them the features of their phones. Drake talks with a few irate customers and gives them a gift card. At the end of their shift, Drake and Future say goodbye to their co-workers and attend their computer programming class.

The servers had gone down for the third time today. The CEO walks into the IT department’s offices and asks them what’s going on. Future says he thinks the server has to be reset. The CEO retorts, “thinks?” Drake explains the problem and says they are on it. Future pulls out a cord and Drake can’t help but laugh for a minute. Future tells him to stop and that they could get fired. Drake says the day couldn’t get any worse. Future says he’s getting a few drinks after work. Drake says he’s texting the rest of the department. They need it after today.

Drake buys his co-workers drinks and says they managed to get through the day without being fired. Future says the CEO was really upset. Drake shrugs that’s the way he is. Their co-worker shows them a picture of the gaming system and says he’d love to have it in the office. Drake says they could justify it, saying it could help with building their programs. Future says he wants the new spy game on the system. Drake says it looks cool. Future takes out his wallet and says he has to go. Drake thanks him for coming and says it’ll be better tomorrow. Future says he hopes so.

Director: Director X Year: 2020

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