Video Review: Dermot Kennedy “Outnumbered”

Dermot Kennedy watches the stadium lights turn on in a field as he stands in the center of it.

Smoke billows around him as he stands in the forest. Two young men stand across one another in a field of flowers. A young woman, wearing an aqua blue cape, walks in the field of flowers and looks at the mountains. A second young woman flicks her lighter as she leans against the kitchen sink.

A third young woman cries as she her son sits in the police car. The second young woman passes a framed photo of her husband holding her their infant son. The two young men lie in the field of flowers and stare at one another. Several young women dance in the field.

A 12-year-old plays the cello in her family room. The second young woman holds her infant son. Lit in lavender, a sixtysomething man looks up at the sky as he stands in the road. Kennedy hugs the fourth young woman. The third young woman cries in the shoulder of her friend.

Kennedy opens the passenger car door. He holds the hand of the fourth young woman as they sit in the car.

Rating: 2/5

The second young woman lights the cigarette and exhales. She knows she shouldn’t smoke, especially with the newborn. However, it was a distraction and let it her concentrate on something rather than the stress. With her husband’s passing, she’s had to deal with funeral expenses and a newborn on her own. Her parents helped as much as they could. Her in-laws disappeared and haven’t even asked to see the baby. She can’t do it by herself. The days aren’t getting any better. Her husband painted the nursery and took her to all the appointments. He talked about the baby and read to it. It was unfair that a heart attack took him away from them.

The third young woman asks her son what’s going on as the police take him away in handcuffs. Her son says nothing and gives her a blank stare. Her son was going to prison for the rest of his life. The police officer opens his notebook and asks her some questions. She says she wasn’t aware of anything. He came and went at different hours. However, it was just the way he was. She watches as police officers take bags out of the apartment. The police officer says they’ll be in touch if they have any more questions. She turns to her friend and says she has to contact the bank in the morning for bail. Her friend says she can contribute. The third young woman says he can’t be guilty. He couldn’t have done it.

Dermot Kennedy holds the young woman. He doesn’t say a word. She was going through a lot right now. Whatever he was going to say, would be wrong. She pulls away from him and walks back to the car. He asks if she feels all right to drive. She says she’ll be okay. He puts his hand on hers in the car. She gives him a small smile and says they should go. He isn’t sure if they are going home. However, he’ll let her decide.

Director: Luke Monaghan Year: 2019

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