Video Review: Jade “Looking For Mr. Do Right”

Lightning flashes through the window of the family room. Tonya, Di, and Joi watch the rain pour in their backyard. They stand together and sit on the couch.

Joi and Di talk at the club while Tonya checks out a young man. Tonya and Joi lean against the wall as they watch the young woman walk to his table. Tonya orders a drink at the bar. The young man leans against the counter and stares at her. She exclaims “wow” to herself.

Di leans against a mauve painted column. Tonya dances on stage with a red curtain behind her.

At the restaurant, Tonya puts her fingers on her temples and shakes her head. She falls into Joi’s arms. The young man smiles.

Tonya runs her hands on the young man’s bare chest. She presses her naked chest into his as he hugs her. She licks a piece of ice across his chest. She holds a video camera and touches his chin. She runs her foot on his chest.

Tonya, Joi and Di continue to talk at the restaurant.

Rating: 3.5/5

Tonya places her hand on her boyfriend’s shoulder as she lies in bed. He kisses her shoulder and tells her they need to wake up. She murmurs “no” and turns towards to him. He checks his watch and says it’s 2 p.m. She sits up and stares out the window. She asks him if they could forgot the world for the day. He says he’ll order in some food for them, though. He puts on his pants and a shirt. She says she’ll be okay with a hamburger. He says he’ll pick something up good for them.

She lies back in bed and smiles to herself. It was a perfect night, morning and afternoon. It was their second night together. She had been single for awhile and thought she wouldn’t be able to find anyone again. However, Joi and Di said she needed to get out there. She had talked to him a little at the bar. However, she couldn’t hear him. She had returned Di and Joi and told them it was a good try. However, she wasn’t going to find her new boyfriend in the bar.

As they waited for their breakfast at the restaurant, the young man walked in and stand behind them. He waved to her and asked if she had fun. She had told him yes but couldn’t say anything more. Joi tells him she’d be right over there and takes her dish with her. She whispered for Joi to stop. Joi placed her dish across from him and said hey’ll talk later. Tonya said “hi” and picked at her eggs. He said they had good dinners there, too. She tells him her favorite is the shish kebob. He says they have a try that. They talked for two hours and planned a date for the next night.

She puts on her robe and walks downstairs. On the table, she reads the note that he’ll be back soon and puts it against her chest. She reads it again and puts it in her pocket. Even if it doesn’t work out, she’ll have something to remember him by.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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