Video Review: Lou Bega “Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…)”

In black-and-white, Lou Bega sings into the microphone on stage. The lights shine in Las Vegas in old footage. A group of people dance in the 1940s. A fiftysomething man and woman sit at their table in the lounge.

As he continues to sing, it changes to color. A young woman touches a velvet curtain and dances in her fringed, black crop top and shorts. She continues to shake butt against a black background with a white circle in the middle. He performs by the white circle while a second young woman dances in silhouette in the circle.

Two young women dance behind him against a black background.

In a dressing room, he waves around his tie while a third young woman holds a saxophone and gazes at him.

While black-and-white footage of people dancing in the 40s plays on screen, he checks out the young woman next to him as they dance.

A silver curtain falls within the white circle. Bega continues to sing into the microphone while two young women dance next to him.

The third young woman plays the saxophone in the dressing room.

Against a red background, the young women grab his chest and hold onto him as he walks away.  He continues to dance with them.

Rating: 2/5

Lou Bega waits at the counter at his drink and comments to the young woman next to him that she looks thirsty. She grins and sips her drink. He orders a drink for her and himself. She blushes as he stares at her. He tells her she’s beautiful. She whispers that she has a boyfriend. He whispers back that it doesn’t matter. They are just talking. She tells him her boyfriend wouldn’t mind if she went home with him, though. Bega takes her hand and walks towards the bathroom.

In the restroom, they make out. He pulls away and she tells him they can go back to her place. He says he can’t and she’s with someone. He says it was fun and leaves the stall. The young woman was nice but she seemed to be looking for a reason to current relationship and jump into another one. He waves goodbye to the bouncer and leaves the club.

At the grocery store, he tells the second young woman that he always seems to go on the wrong day and gestures to his half-empty car. The second young woman says that he has to be there in the morning. He realizes she’s wearing the uniform and apologizes for bothering her. She says it wasn’t anything. He says she’s really pretty and asks if she could take a break. During her break, they talk outside. He mentions if she would like to leave with him. She asks him to wait and punches out. He walks with her arm-in-arm.

After the second young woman leaves his home, he finds her nametag and places it in his pocket. He has to remember not to go to the store for awhile. He wasn’t sure if she’d cling to him if she saw him again. However, he was already going an hour out of his way to go shopping, He had slept most with the women in his area and he shuddered to think of running into them again. But it might be okay to go back again. They may be some new women in the area.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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