Video Review: Noah Cyrus “July”

Noah Cyrus, wearing a denim patchwork bandeau top and jeans, carries her suitcase as she walks on the road during a summer day. She runs her hand along the dried out field.

In the middle of the road, she opens the suitcase and puts on her cowboy hat. She leaves it on the road and carries her other suitcase.

She walks in an off-the-shoulder denim dress and sits on the shoulder of the road with her stacks of luggage.

She sets a suitcase underneath a tree and looks into a mirror. Putting on her cowboy hat again, she skips on the road and walks in the sun.

Rating: 5/5

Noah Cyrus sits in the shade as she waits for her ride. Road assistance told her it may be an hour. She stands up and puts her hands on her hips, staring at the pile of suitcases. It was a really lot of stuff. She opens the first suitcase and condenses it into another. The third suitcase had some pictures of her ex-boyfriend and some of the jewelry he gave her. She puts the necklace around her neck and leaves the frame in the grass. It had to be left behind.

Rifling through the suitcases, she discards some perfume and makeup. It didn’t seem to be her anymore. The several pairs of high heels were excessive as well as the jumbled box of bracelets, earrings and necklaces. She untangles a few of them and puts them in another suitcase.

The young man from roadside assistance stops by the side of the road. She points to her four suitcases and says it’s all her stuff. He asks about the pile by the tree. She says she it isn’t hers. It’s some junk. He asks her where she’s going. She thinks for a moment and says she was headed for the nearest hostel. She’ll figure out what to do with her car later. He tells her okay and starts the car. She takes one final glance at her discarded stuff and looks ahead to the mountains.

Director: JMP Year: 2019

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