Video Review: AJ Tracey “Ladbroke Grove”

AJ Tracey and his friends ride camels in Palm Grove in Marrakech, Morocco. While a group of children play soccer, he and his friends go quad riding in the desert. He and his friends join the game.

Tracey fist pumps his best friend as he lays in a lounge chair at the pool. He scrolls through his phone. One of his friends jumps into the pool. His friends drink while they stand on the patio. He smokes shisha and plays tennis in the pool. He and his friends walk in the city, in view of the Koutoubia Mosque. A friend of his buys some food from a street vendor.

He and his friends dance in their seats at the sit at a restaurant at night.

Rating: 4/5

AJ Tracey pets the camel and tells him to be patient with him. The guide helps him on the camel and hands him a water bottle. As he and his friends ride in a single file line, he takes pictures on his phone of the desert. He thanks the server for bringing him mint tea and eats his pancakes during their break. He and his friends show each other the pictures they took. His friend says he wants to go inside the palaces. One of his friends says he wants to go quad biking. Tracey says they may do some sightseeing today, though. A second friend says he wants to cool off at the pool.

He posts pictures online of his trip so far and plays a puzzle game on his phone. His friend tells him to put his phone away and play a game in the pool. He explains that he’s just about the level. His friend hands him a drink and snatches his phone, He takes a sip and walks into the pool. His friend hands him a racket and says it’s his serve.

They pause at the Koutoubia Mosque and listen to the guide explain the history and it ends the tour. One of his friends buys a pair of slippers. He watches as a young woman paints a piece of wood. At the mall, he and his friends get some extra clothes. At nightfall, they watch as the fountain sparkles and its color rotates. Holding their bags, one of his friends point to a restaurant. They agree to get something to eat.

At the restaurant, they plan the next day. Tracey suggests they should go to the club tomorrow. One of his friends says he wants to ski in the Atlas Mountains. Tracey says they can maybe go later in the week. They take pictures and dance to the music streaming in from the DJ booth from across the street.

Directors: Hamish Stephenson & AJ Tracey Year: 2019

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