Video Review: Carly Pearce & Lee Brice “I Hope You’re Happy Now”

In a split screen, a young woman (on the left) and a young man (on the right) wake up in their beds. They check their phones and see the memory from two years ago. It’s a photo of them as a couple that was posted online.  They scroll through some of the other photos.

Against a red tinsel curtain, Carly Pearce and Lee Brice perform on stage at a bar.

She does yoga in the family room and says hello to her boyfriend as he walks into their home. The young man washes his face and stares into the mirror. He sits at the counter and deletes a text to the young woman. She and her boyfriend make pancakes.

She and her boyfriend meet up with some friends. She puts her arm around him and drinks a beer as they sit on the patio. The young man loads hay into the back of his pick-up truck. He takes a shower and washes his hair. He presses his head against the wall. She leans her head against her boyfriend’s back and smiles.

She puts on makeup as her boyfriend gets dressed. He drives in the city and walks into the bar. He greets the bartender. Lit in hunter green, she and her boyfriend meet their friends. She dances with her boyfriend. He drinks his beer and talks with a second young woman. The second young woman asks him to dance. As they dance, she touches his face. She puts her information and his phone. Her friend nudges her and she leaves. The young man walks out of the bar and runs into the young woman in the parking lot. They hug and he notices her engagement ring. She introduces him to her boyfriend. He shakes her boyfriend’s hand.  As she and her friends wait in line to pay the cover, she turns to look at the young man. He smiles at her.

Pearce and Brice continue to perform on stage.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman fiddles with her engagement ring. She chimes in with a “yeah” as her boyfriend talks about his job. Scrolling through her phone, she finds her ex-boyfriend’s phone number and texts him. She puts the phone away and turns her head to listen to her boyfriend. Ever since she ran into her ex-boyfriend last weekend, she had been thinking of him. There was a sadness in his eyes she hadn’t seen before.

The young man kisses the second young woman in his bed. She puts a sheet over her and says she’s going to take a shower. He gets up from bed and runs to catch up with her. He continues to kiss her as his phone vibrates on the nightstand. After he and the second young woman get dressed, he checks his phone and freezes as he reads the young woman’s message. He sits on the bed and tries to think of how to respond. The second young woman calls for him to “come on!” He puts his pocket and walks down the stairs.

The young woman picks at her nails as she waits at the table. She searches her purse and sees her engagement ring. She couldn’t wear it. It was her third meeting with her ex-boyfriend. At the last meeting, she had almost kissed him goodbye but remembered her boyfriend. He had pointed to his car and said he had to his girlfriend’s house. He walks in and apologizes for being late. She says it’s fine and asks how his interview went. He tells her he received the e-mail yesterday that he didn’t get the job. She puts her hand on his and holds it. He stares at her and asks her if she’s okay with what’s going on between them. She says she wants it. He leans over and kisses her. She squeezes his hand.

Director: Sam Siske Year: 2019

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