Video Review: Perfect Gentlemen “Ooh La La (I Can’t Get Over You)”

Tyrone, wearing a Perfect Gentlemen bedazzled jacket, turns away from the fence. The 13-year-old young girls cheer and scream as Maurice spins a basketball on his finger. Tyrone dribbles the ball and scores a point in the basket.

Lit in royal blue, Tyrone dances with a 13-year-old young girl.

Tyrone looks at a second young girl wearing a hat and shakes his head. He tosses his basketball over the fence.

Corey, Maurice, and Tyrone walk behind a yellow-painted fence. The second 13-year-old young girl holds onto their basketball.

Lit in royal blue, Tyrone, Corey and Maurice, wearing sky blue suits, sing into their microphones. The 13-year-old girl walks with her mom. She turns around and looks at them. Her mother pulls her back.

They dance against a red painted wall with blue leopard spots.

Bubbles fly around Tyrone and the 13-year-old young girl as they dance.

The bubbles continue to fly as Maurice reads a book to his friends. Maurice and Tyrone help Corey write with an oversized pencil on a piece of paper. They run from a group of 13-year-old girls. Tyrone uses the oversized pencil to keep the door closed. Corey hovers on the left side of the door. The 13-year-old young girl kisses the window. Tyrone places his cheek by her kiss.

Tyrone paces behind the yellow-painted fence. Corey and Maurice talk with him.

They continue to sing on stage.

Rating: 1.5/5

Tyrone holds hands with the 13-year-old as they walk to the fast food restaurant across the street from the school. She glances over her shoulder and says she doesn’t see any of her friends’ parents’ cars. Tyrone says all the parents are too busy trying to leave the school.

She says she’s been looking forward to a hamburger and milkshake all morning. Tyrone gives the cashier her order and tells him her order. She gets out her money to pay and he waves it off. He pays for both of them. They find a seat and talk. Corey and Maurice walk over with their trays.

A car screeches into the parking lot and the 13-year-old young girl gasps. Her mom storms into the restaurant and asks her who are these people she’s with. She says she’s with her boyfriend. “Boyfriend?” She reaches over and takes her daughter’s hand. Tyrone squeezes out of the booth. They listen as the 13-year-old girl’s mom tells her that one of her friend’s parents saw with leave with a group of boys and called her right away.

Tyrone puts his hand on her shoulder as she opens her locker. She says they can’t be together. Her mom doesn’t want her to date anyone. He says they can still talk at school. She shakes her head and bursts into tears. He says it’s not fair. She says she can’t go to class and needs  to go home. She pulls his hand off her arm and says she has to do it by herself.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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