Video Review: Aitch & ZieZie “Buss Down”

In black-and-white, Aitch and a young woman the lobby and walk arm-in-arm to their table. To the right, ZieZie walks with a second young woman in the lounge circa 1940s. Splitting into four screens, Aitch and the young woman sit at their table on the left. In the two top screens, ZieZie walks to the stage and the second young woman looks with her binoculars. On the lower right screen, a third young woman carries a tray as she passes by the tables.

ZieZie performs on stage while two young women dance behind him. Aitch sits with the young woman at the table with two other people. He smokes a cigar. A brief split screen divides ZieZie and Aitch. The second young woman looks at a third young woman, wearing a necklace, sitting at a table.

The two dancers on stage point guns at the customers. Aitch lights his cigar. The third young woman shifts in her chair as she sees the gun aimed at her by the dancer. The second young woman runs from the balcony and rips the necklace from the woman’s neck. Aitch dances near the stage.

A message reads on the screen reads: “Earlier..” In the basement, Aitch shows the women and ZieZie his drawing of the necklace. They toast to their heist.

Aitch joins ZieZie on stage.

The second young woman hands off the necklace to Aitch, who is standing by his car. He kisses her hand and opens the door. They drive off.

Rating: 5/5

The diamond necklace was a rare item. A select few were able to buy it. Aitch had read an interview with a wealthy socialite who was photographed wearing it at a benefit. She had talked about in detail how her father had given it to her as a gift for her birthday and that it arrived in a velvet package. She was a frequent patron of the lounge and requested a seat away from the other customers.

Aitch had explained to his friends the importance of the necklace. It was worth more than they made in a year. He outlined his plan. ZieZie says she comes in every week and expects free drinks. She slurs insults to the servers and invites the male servers to the bathroom with her. The women shake their heads and respond that they’ll fix her.

The young woman and Aitch drive to their dealer and discuss the terms of the sale. The young woman asks if any police officers are behind them. Aitch says it’s not an issue. The woman won’t let herself be exposed. She can’t take the humiliation from the press. She nods and turns left towards the dealer’s apartment.

Director: Darnell Depardine Year: 2019

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