Video Review: Monica “Street Symphony”

At night, police gather at the corner by their parked car. A small orchestra performs on the roof of the nearby building. Monica notices the police car and turns her head.

Wearing an endless cobalt gown, she stands in an office of a skyscraper.

Wearing black leather low-waist pants, a black top and a headband, she and the dancers perform a routine in the street.

Monica sits in the car and watches her boyfriend leave the car. She cries as she sees him hug an associate of his. He and his associate drive off.

She walks around their apartment and tosses the jewelry he gave her. While walking on the sidewalk, the police car speeds past by her and she shakes her head. She walks back home.

Rating: 3/5

The police put the yellow tape on the store’s entrance. Monica and her boyfriend were there yesterday. He wanted to get some liquor. She overhears the police say a robbery occurred and the suspects were still on the loose. They turn on their sirens and drive towards the expressway.

It was her boyfriend. He was a part of it. Monica knew it. He had dropped her off in the parking structure and told her he’d be late. The man he met up with had been in jail multiple times. She had pleaded with him not to go. They won’t ever see each other again. Her boyfriend said they were just getting together and catching up.

The diamond bracelet on the wrist, the ring on her finger, were someone else’s things. For the men, it was all they could likely afford. She throws them on the ground. Let the police find them and return them to the rightful owners. She had denied it for years. However, he wasn’t going to change. The police knock on the door and present the warrant. She sits on the couch as they search the apartment. As they put stuff in bags, she remembers the future she had planned for herself. She had already paid for next semester’s tuition. Finishing college, though, may be a long way off now, though.

Director: Darren Grant Year: 1999

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