Video Review: The Weeknd “Blinding Lights (Version 2)”

A hunched over, bloodied Weeknd laughs on a sidewalk in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Wearing a red suit and sunglasses, he stares at the Four Seasons marquee and walks underneath Mandalay Bay’s marquee. He chases off a pigeon and puts on a single black glove. He gets into a parked Mercedes and speeds through the city. Leaning his head out the window, he smokes and throws it on the road as he drives.

He dances in the road. Scarlet lights light up in the tunnel. As he speeds through the tunnel, it turns lime green.

Wearing a white sequined dress, a woman (Miki Hamano) sings on stage in a lounge. The Weeknd pops two cherries in his mouth and eats it. The woman reaches for him with her hand and he floats over to her.

The lights blend together as the car tilts in the air. He sticks out his tongue as he sits in the car.

Two men walk into the lounge. One man grabs The Weeknd by the waist and holds him. The second man punches him in the face. He winces on the floor. While running out of the lounge, he slides on the sidewalk and picks himself up. As he passes the Fremont, he glances over his shoulder and spreads his arms once he reaches the tunnel.

On the sidewalk, he laughs as he watches the cars drive through the tunnel. He waves to the people in the cars and dances.

Rating: 4.5/5

The Weeknd feels the the roof of his mouth and a tooth falls out. He bursts out laughing. Some blood pours up and he coughs. A young woman turns the other way once she sees him and walks on the other side of the street. He lies on the sidewalk and sleeps. Maybe it’ll help with the pain.

He grumbles as someone pokes him in the arm. Looking up, he sees it’s a police officer and sits up. The police officer asks him if he’s okay. He spits out another tooth and almost chokes on another. The police officer talks into his radio and calls for an ambulance. He says he has to lie down again. The police officers stand by him.

The doctor says he got beat up pretty badly and that they are scheduling him for surgery. The doctor hands him the form and explains they need his consent. The Weeknd starts to to pull off the IV’s and says he has to go. He’s better and that he has get back to his hotel. The doctor asks him to think and says he’ll get the nurse.

He stumbles out of the hospital and clutches his stomach as taps the app on his phone for a ride. While sitting on the bench, he watches the nurses smoke on the lawn. He lights up his cigarette and exhales. A young man pulls up to the entrance and The Weeknd gets inside. He tells the young man to take him to his car and says he left it by the tunnel. Rubbing his eyes, he looks out the window and passes out in the young man’s car. The young man returns back to the hospital and brings him to the emergency room.

Director: Anton Tammi Year: 2020

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