Video Review: Vanessa Carlton “Pretty Baby”

Vanessa Carlton leans her head against the railing as she sits on the staircase. She holds duct tape as she stands in the hallway and walks into the family room.

She plays the piano.

She hangs up the duct tape on a nail in the garage. In the car, she and her boyfriend (Brendan Fehr) kiss. She glances at him while she talks with a young man in her family room. He stops talking to the young woman and smiles at her. On the couch, two young men flirt with one another. A third young woman pets Carlton’s dog while it sits on another couch.

He sits with her on the piano bench as she plays.

She opens the door of her bedroom and fixes a pillow on a chair. She turns towards the unmade bed. He feels with his hands as she covers his eyes. He sees the guitar with a bow on the bed and kisses her. She throws the guitar out the window.

She walks up the stairs and smirks as she sees him. His mouth duct taped, he jerks in his chair as she approaches him.

Rating: 2/5

Vanessa Carlton “shh’s” as she wipes the young man’s forehead. He whimpers and tries to move the chair. She kneels by him and tells him he has to listen to her first. She says that she tried to talking to him in school. However, he only waved to her and kept talking with his friend. She adds that his cheerleader girlfriends have all cheated on him with football players and aren’t his worth his time.

She sits on his bed and tells him they have lots in common. They both like music and write their own songs. She says they could be a perfect couple for that reason alone. She shouts at him he’s wasting his talent and that she threw out his guitar. Sitting on his bed, she says she’s written so many songs for him. However, he won’t ever hear them. She rips the duct off his mouth. He takes a deep breath and pleads for his life. She says she doesn’t want to hurt him. She needs him to get to know her and see they belong together. He promises that he’ll go out with her and write her a song. But she needs to untie him first. She nods and says that’s right.

He runs out of the chair and screams for help throughout the house. She shakes her head and follows him to the family room. He picks up a baseball bat and tells her not to come any closer. She calls 911 on the phone and says she’s being attacked. On cue, she cries and says to please hurry. He drops the bat and sits on the floor.

Director: Marcos Siega Year: 2003

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