Video Review: Ciara & Ludacris “Oh”

Ciara asks the 7-year-old girl on the bench, “Cici, what are you whatchin’?” Cici responds that she’s “watching a new video, Oh.” Ciara responds “Let me see it” and picks up the phone.

Wearing a white blouse and jeans, Ciara dances near an underpass.

Wearing a cropped peach and aqua striped hoodie and jeans, she and her friends perform a dance in the street. A young man shows off his silver teeth as he stands by his car.

In brown cargo pants, a denim shrug and a white bra top, she and her dancers perform a routine on stage. A “C” is placed in the center of the stage.

Lit in scarlet, she rides her car down the street.

On stage, she draws a silver circle as she dances. Back on the street, Ludacris dances by her parked car. She dances on the trunk of the car. Pictures capture her and Ludacris in black-and-white. By the underpass, she sticks out her tongue and smiles.

Rating: 3/5

Ciara bites into a barbecued chicken wing and cleans her hands with a napkin. She drinks he sweet tea as she talks with her neighbor, Ludacris from across the street. Ludacris asks her if she’s going to cruise later. She tells she’s him once it gets dark, she’s heading to the club and she’ll stop by. She explains she finally figured out what was going on with her car and got it fixed. One of her friends exclaims “Ludacris” and hands him a plate of food. She asks Ciara if she’s to be in the dance competition. Ciara puts her hands in her pockets and tells her she signed up. Her friend says she’ll send her the information.

Ciara hands out balloons to the neighborhood kids. They ask her to dance. She gathers some of her friends and they perform one of their previous routines. One of the neighborhood girls tries to imitate the choreography. Ciara takes her aside and shows her step-by-step the moves. Ludacris taps her on the shoulder and says he’s leaving now.

She helps her mom wrap up the leftover fried pickles and tomatoes. Ciara packs a container for herself and says she’ll bring some home for herself. Her mom says she and Ludacris seemed friendly. Ciara shrugs and says he’s just a friend. Her mom says she’d always hope they get together. Ciara says she doesn’t know and grabs her keys. Her mom tells her to be careful.

Director: Fat Cats Year: 2005

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