Video Review: Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani “Nobody But You”

Blake Shelton walks in the forest with his dog in the evening. He sits on a chair and sings against a black background. Gwen Stefani looks up as she sits on a chair against the black background.

Gwen Stefani pulls up her white gown as the heavy wind blows leaves on the ground.

She rests her head on his shoulder as they watch the ocean. She hugs him as they lean against the railing.

They sit on a couch in the family room. She pats her leg for the dog to jump up next to her. They drink from their cups at the restaurant. She puts some ketchup on a fry and gives it to him.

She and Shelton perform on stage together.

He sings into a French fry and she laughs. She smiles as they drive in his car.

Against a teal spiral background, Stefani points at him while she stands on the couch. They walk around the foundation of a home.

Against a ruby red background, she dances in her seat as he drives. They kiss in the restaurant. She looks at the ocean while they eat. He kisses her in photos. The dog crawls over her on the couch. She stares at him as they stand within the foundation of the home.

Rating: 3/5

Gwen Stefani looks over the floor plan of she and Blake Shelton’s home together. The contractor explains the next process and states they will begin working on the outer part of the home next. Shelton asks the expected completed date of the second stage. The contractor tells him about 3 months. Stefani nods and turns to Shelton. She says it’ll give them to find designers and look at furniture.

Back at home, she says hello the dog and pets him. The dog barks for her. She walks to the kitchen and opens the container with the dog food. Shelton fills up his water bowl and gets out a treat. He places his hand on her back as he reaches for the carryout menus. She says she would like to get Chinese tonight. He says they haven’t had it in awhile. She says they should try another restaurant. The last place always gets their orders wrong. He searches for his places on his phone and gives some suggestions. He says the third place has a great rating. She leans over and says he can order from there. He asks if she wants the lo mein. She grins and says yes. She follows the dog to the screen door and lets him out.

Shelton kisses her as he walks out the door. She gives him some extra money. He says he’ll be back in about 15 minutes. While he’s gone, she turns on the light on in the garage. She lets the dog in and places the silverware on the table.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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