Video Review: Christina Milian “When You Look At Me”

Wearing a white crop top and a short, ruffled skirt, Christina Milian walks down a red and white striped hallway. She passes some young men playing guitars. She dances at the end of the hall.

Against a cobalt background, she wears sunglasses and a denim, halter jumpsuit, she dances. Several young men join her and they perform a routine.

Wearing an orange top and pants, she and several young man dance with her in a red and white striped room.

In a zebra-print off-the-shoulder top and skirt, she sits on a bench in a red painted room.

She continues to dance by herself in the red-and-white striped hallway.

Rating: 2/5

Christina Milian turns the page of her book at the library. Two of her classmates pass by her and glance at her while they sit at a table. They whisper as she gets up and walks to another shelf. She searches for another book. Walking up to the librarian, she asks if they have any Kurt Vonnegut. She preferred reading classic literature. Currently, she was diving into 60s satire. She follows the librarian to the aisle.

Holding the book in her hand, she checks the book out. Her classmates giggle. She knew what they were thinking: the dum cheerleader was trying to look smart. Although she tried to be nice to everyone at school, she didn’t like them. They were active in band and were took honors classes. They believed they were the most intelligent people in school. They were condescending to everyone but their clique. She had to stick up for a few shy kids they liked to pick on. Her group of friends could be backbiting. But they kept it quiet.

She stops at the mall and walks into the clothing store. A young man approaches her and puts his hand on her leg. She jerks away from him and says she’s not interested. He shrugs and says with that short skirt, he’d thought she would be up for it. She clutches her keys and heads to another store, looking behind her to see if he was there. Most guys thought she would sleep with them by the way she dressed. However, she liked the short skirts and tops. It made her feel confident and stylish. She had only been with one guy and they had been together for almost three years. It would be a long time before she would sleep with another guy. She pays for her clothes and leaves the mall.

Director: Billie Woodruff Year: 2002

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