Video Review: Jesse Powell “You”

Jesse Powell plays the piano inside his home. Photos of him with his girlfriend sit on the piano.  He stands in the park, holding his umbrella as it rains. In the evening, he leans against a column. A young woman walks next to him and gives him her phone number.

Several young women walk on the sidewalk. Back at his home, he throws some of the young women’s phone numbers in the fireplace. While he plays the piano, he stops to write the notes on the page.

He brings breakfast on a tray to bed to his girlfriend. He strokes her hair as she lies in bed and takes a picture with his camera. He shows her the pictures and she gives him a playful smack on the arm. She sits up in bed as he continues to take pictures. Giggling, she puts a pillow in front of the camera and places her hand in front of the lens. She cuddles and poses with a few pictures of him in bed. He watches as she sleeps. She disappears.

He sings in a parking lot of a restaurant.

She sings in the shower. Wearing her towel, she dances for him as he sits on the piano bench. She takes part of the towel off her body. He smiles as she disappears.

In the restaurant, the young woman takes a customer’s order at her table. She walks to the window and listens to him. Her co-worker walks up to her and the young woman smiles at her. The young woman runs to the door and walks in the parking lot. She gives him a hug.

Rating: 3/5

Jesse Powell laughs as the young woman explains the sound her car is making. She gives him a playful punch in the arm. He recommends her a mechanic and writes down the information for her. She puts it in her apron and asks him if he wants anymore coffee. He says he’s done for the night. She says a young woman was looking for him the other day. He puts his head in his hands and wants to know which one. She says she was a brunette, if that narrows it down and she was saying she was worried about you. He groans and says he thinks he knows who it is now. She calls him a heartbreaker and gives him the check.

At home, he thinks of the young woman’s smile as he writes a song at the piano. He’d been working on it for a few months. She’d been wanting to hear something from him. He promised her to create a tape of her. However, none of the material was good enough. He had to write a ballad especially for her.

He sits in his car in the parking lot, warming up his voice. His knees shook as he against the seat of the car. With the song, she had to think of him as a romantic guy and as a possible boyfriend. She knew him as guy who went from woman to woman. The song had to convince her he was ready for a relationship with her. He closes the car door and starts to sing in the parking lot.

She excuses herself from her customer and blushes as she listens to the song by Powell. He wasn’t the big gesture kind of guy. However, he was really putting himself out there. Her co-worker tells her she’ll cover for her and to talk to her guy.

In the parking lot, she tells him it’s a beautiful song. He says it’s for her. She kisses him and tells him it means a lot to her. He wants to know if she can go out with him sometime next week. She says has Monday off and gives him her address. He suggests picking her up at 7 p.m. She shakes her head yes and says it’s a date. He tells her it finally is a date.

Director: Steve Wills Year: 1999

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