Video Review: Eminem & Juice WRLD “Godzilla”

On a darkened stage, Eminem sits on a chair. In a hotel room, a man sits in a recliner. Eminem stands up and raps on the stage.

Filmed through a beige filter, Juice WRLD performs in concert.

Back in the hotel room, a beer sits on the table. He paces and peeks through the curtain. He drinks the Smirnoff. He touches another can of vodka and fills a glass. On stage, he puts his hands over his head and looks in both directions. He walks to the front of the stage. People in their seats raise their cell phones.

In black-and-white, hundreds of people stand behind a barricade as security guard watches.

A stack of televisions news reports of a school shooting in Texas.

Back in black-and-white, Juice WRLD performs in concert.

Back in the hotel room, an empty prescription bottle lies on the table. Eminem types on the computer in a clip from his video, “Walk On Water.” The man checks the time on the clock and unlocks the safety on his gun. He shoots at the wall. Several guns hang on the wall. The man walks down the hallway of the hotel room.

Eminem continues to walk on stage.

Rating: 2.5/5

Someone was going to have to pay. The man loads the bullets in his gun in the hotel room. He points the gun and imagines it’s his ex-wife screaming for help against the wall. He grins and pretends to shoot. Soon. It will be only in a few hours. The news reports the latest celebrity breakup. In less than 24 hours, everyone will know his name. He drinks several bottles of vodka and takes some pills. In the garage, he loads his truck.

Life had been unfair to him for years. He should’ve been promoted. His ex-wife was crazy and selfish. Nothing ever worked out for him. No matter how hard he worked, someone else got the recognition. Twitching, he thinks of the photos of his ex-wife with her new husband. She liked to go the movie theater and he was sure she lived somewhere in the area.

The news dedicates a minute to the story. It receives a few mentions on social media. Some of the victims are able to pull through. A few talk about their stories about how they survived. The man becomes another photo in a collage of previous murderers. His ex-wife avoids any mention of him and refuses to comment on her life with him.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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