Video Review: Karyn White “The Way You Love Me”

At night, Karyn White tilts her head back as she stands by the bonfire.

While she dances on the boardwalk, she looks over her shoulder and sees a young man following her on his bicycle.

Wearing a black, fringed top and shorts, she and several people dance in the rain with her.

Back on the boardwalk, young men on roller skates give her flowers. Her stylist turns her chair around at the salon. She spots the young man. One of the stylists touches her chin and puts his arms around her. She carries a neon green shopping bag as she walks by a store and watches some men dance in the parking lot. They give her their bags.

As she walks, she waves at the men cleaning the windows. They dance for her. The young man stops in his car and she shakes her head “no.”

She parks her red sports car by a Statue of Liberty mural. Men, wearing red vests, talk on the sidewalk. A second young man walks to her car and takes her keys. She dances with them near the valet sign.

At night, she opens her shawl as she walks on the sand. The young man pulls up in his car and walks to her. They kiss as the bonfire burns.

Rating: 3.5/5

Karyn White taps her fingers as she listens to her date talk at the restaurant. She checks the time and realizes she has to at least put with another 45 minutes of corny jokes. She orders some soup and touches her stomach, saying it’s been hurting all day. He says they can reschedule for later. She nods and says that would be better. He sips his coffee and she finishes his soup.

Back at home, the young man greets with her a bouquet. He was a good person but he always around. She thanks him for the flowers and talks with him for a few minutes. They usually talked every day. He lived in the apartment complex across the street and they ran into each other on the weekends. It was how they became friends. He had asked her out. However, she had told him no. He was just so earnest. She couldn’t take him seriously as a boyfriend.

Her next date excuses himself to go the bathroom. She takes out her compact and puts on some lipstick. It was going really well. He had done charity work for his foundation. She had seen him on the news and met him at an event for her job. She looks at the bathroom  and notices he hadn’t come out yet. After about 20 minutes, she puts on her jacket and leaves. The young man wouldn’t have left there. She calls up the young man at the payphone and asks him to pick her up.

He asks her what happened. She says her date rejected her outright. She turns to him and apologizes for being foolish. He puts his hand on hers and says it’s fine. She puts her head on his shoulder as he drives her back home.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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