Video Review: Jody Watley “Some Kind of Lover”

Against a black background, she pulls her hair back and fluffs it. The drummer’s hands are seen as he plays. A split screen in the center reveals his face.

To the left, the cellist plays underneath an arch. On the right, her red lips sing. It switches to her red lips appearing on the bottom and center. The drummer continues to play on the right.

Wearing a black dress with white tights, she jumps up and down in a split screen. In a triple screen, she looks down while only her black boots are shown as she dances in the center.

She dances near the drummer underneath the arch. The split screen rotates with the various musicians. A line of black paints one of the column as she dances. The screen cuts into an triangle as she leans against a column in the center. She walks down the stairs as the keyboardist plays.

Wearing a black skirt and pink bra top, she hugs her back and dances against a chipped wall. While she dances by the columns, her face appears on the blocks up front. A box outlines the keyboardist’s head.

The saxophonists kicks up his leg as he performs on the stairs. She looks into a mirror and puts her head against it.

She continues to fluff her hair while standing against the black background.

Rating: 2/5

Jody Watley jots down notes as she visits the museum. The monochrome aesthetic was understated and it was something she wanted to try for herself. It would be unexpected. She adjusts her Chanel belt around her waist and listens to the audio tour. Although she loved music, she needed to recharge and learn about the various styles.

As she listens to yet the tenth music video treatment which included in her at another famous tourist spot, she called off any further meetings. She explains to her manager that she wants to be taken seriously as an artists and gives him her ideas. The doorbell rings and she smiles when she sees the delivery driver. He hands her a box of designer clothes. She gives him two kisses on the cheek and tells him to have a good day.

She answers her phone as she tries on clothes. It was a telemarketer. She tosses the phone on the couch. The artist from the gallery had assured he’d get back to her. However, it’s been a week and she hadn’t heard anything. It was an important matter. She grabs her duffel bag and her keys. Her choreographer was going to teach her a routine for most of the afternoon. She checks the tape in her answering machine and pets her dog as she leaves the house.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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