Video Review: Lewis Capaldi “Before You Go”

A young woman (Sasha Lane) looks back at her home while she rides in the backseat of a car. A young man sits on the floor, his head between his knees. The young woman walks to the mountain.

The young man picks up the young woman from her job at the diner. She leans over the bed and kisses him. Lying on the floor, she touches his face as he leans over her.

The young man flips a hamburger and puts his head down as he works in the kitchen. He laughs while she dances along to the music in the seat as he drives. They cuddle in bed.

Lewis Capaldi plays guitar as he sits on a bed.

The young woman sings into a comb as she dances in the bedroom. While she sleeps in the car, he throws a water balloon at the car. She jolts awake and he laughs. She and the young man push their car on the shoulder of the road and jump inside.

She drinks at the bar and dances with one of her friends.

Her sister stares out her window. The young woman braids her hair as she lies on her chest. She puts on her sister’s lipstick in the bathroom. The young woman puts it in back in her purse in the bathroom.

Lit in royal blue, her father sits at the bar with his drink. She sits with her father at the bar. He pulls on her hands as she states she doesn’t want to dance. She gets up and joins in the line dance with him. She runs on the sand with her daughter. She brings food to her father in the hospital.

Her sister sits on top of her while she rides a bicycle. She tells a story to her father, sister and the young man during dinner. She brings a birthday cake to the young man’s work and throws it on the ground.

Her father, sister and the young man stand with their heads bowed at the table. He blinks back tears as she puts her arms around him as she sits on the bed.

Capaldi walks in the forest.

Her family leaves the house and puts a candle by her framed photo. She leans out the window of the car.

Rating: 5/5

The young man shifts the macaroni on his plate. His late girlfriend’s father tells his daughter to eat something. She mutters she can’t and walks to the sink. He shouts for her to come back to the table. She rinses off her plate and walks upstairs.

He places his fork on the table and walks upstairs. His late girlfriend’s sister cries on her bed and says he’s not really a part of the family. He nods and chokes back tears. He shouldn’t be here and walks down the stairs. Glancing in the kitchen, he sees his late girlfriend’s father stare at his plate of cold food.

She had been on her way to work. Usually, she didn’t cross over lanes during rush hour. However, there was construction and no other option. Another car t-boned her. He had seen the video of the accident and his heart dropped. She had texted him she was taking an extra shift. It was her. On his phone, his late girlfriend’s father was calling him. Her father said they were going to the hospital. He said he’d be right there.

Her father had been hopeful that she would pull through. However, he had been prepared to say goodbye. In the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), he held her hand and told her it was okay to let go and he’ll help take care of her family. He sat with her for about 45 minutes and then returned to the waiting room. Her father asked her how she was doing. He had said she was the same and leafed through a magazine.

He looks at her house. She appears on the porch and waves to him. He puts the car in reverse and drives off.

Director: Kyle Thrash Year: 2020

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