Video Review: Johnny Hates Jazz “Turn Back The Clock”

Calvin carries his duffel bag over his shoulder as he waits for the bus. Mike holds his suitcase and sticks out his thumb as he stands in the road. Clark sits on  his broken down car and rubs his arms. He stands up and watches Calvin, Mike and himself as 10-year-old kids walking on the street.

Calvin spots the kid version of themselves as he leans on the porch of the Jazz Tavern. He laughs as the 10-year-old version of himself knocks over a garbage can. They ride their bicycles. Back at home, he sees the kid version of himself in his tree house. In the tree house, Calvin and Clark play cards as Mike climbs the house with a six-pack of beer. They take rims in the junkyard and run off.

Clark sits in the garage. As children, Mike swings from the rope hanging from the ceiling. Clark draws a tattoo on Calvin’s arm. Calvin cries as his father throws him on the lawn. His mother hugs him. During a baseball game, Calvin’s father cheers them on as they play. Clark, Calvin and Mike watch the game behind the fence.

Clark stands by the lake. As children, they laugh and talk in the gazebo. They sit by the campfire and tell stories. They have a food fight at Clark’s house. Clark’s mom puts her head on her forehead. Clark shakes Calvin’s hand as he walks into the diner.

Calvin tosses a rock into the river. Clark stands on a log. Mike holds a stick in the river. As a child, Calvin’s dad holds him and points to the sky. Clark sits in the gazebo by himself. As children, they go trick-and-treating. Calvin breaks his neighbor’s pumpkin.

They walk down the street together. As children, they ride their bicycles around them. A fortysomething man greets them and they pat him on the back.

Rating: 3/5

Clark sits by the river. He, Calvin and Mike used to spend almost weekend camping as kids. Everything changed after Calvin’s dad divorced his mom. Calvin and his dad could only camp once a month. Then it became 6 months. Eventually, Calvin moved away once his mom remarried. Clark had cried to his mom that he was losing one of his best friends. His mom told him that he and Calvin will always be friends. They’ll see each other again.

He and Mike hung out together after school for awhile. However, they both missed Calvin. They played in silence. Clark had picked a fight with Mike. Mike had thrown his toy on the floor and said he wasn’t ever going to come over again. Mike stayed true to his word.

Clark sat in the on the bench during his high school baseball game and his jaw dropped. Calvin had hit a home run. Clark had clapped for him. Calvin recognizes him as he slides towards third base. The referee says Clark’s out. Calvin pats him on the back and says it’s good to see him again. It was the only words he got the chance to say to him.

Calvin had called him up and said he gotten his number from his mother. Clark had told him he glad to hear from him. They reminisced about spending time at each other’s houses. Clark told him the gazebo had been torn down. Calvin says he dad passed away. Clark tells him he’s sorry. Calvin asks if Mike will be coming along. Clark says he and Mike haven’t talked since middle school. Calvin asks what happened. Clark explains they drifted apart. Calvin says he’ll find his number and see if he wants to meet up. Clark says he’d like to talk to Mike again. Calvin says he’ll get something organized. Clark hangs up the phone after an hour. In the closet, he searches for a suit for Calvin’s dad’s wake.

Director: Brian Grant Year: 1987

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