Video Review: Layton Greene, PnB Rock, Lil Baby & City Girls “Leave ‘Em Alone”

Layton Greene sits on a picnic table with PnB Rock at Quality Control University. She walks her dog on campus. On the steps of the student union, she laughs with her friends.

The male step team practices on the lawn. She sits with them.

PnB waves money around the basekball game during a pick-up game. Lil Baby dribbles the basketball. He scores a three-pointer. The crowd cheers for him. PnB, Lil Baby, Greene, Yung Miami sit together by the fence.

Greene dances in the gym with the cheerleaders. Greene, Lil Baby, PnB and Yung Miami sit on the bleachers.

Rating: 3/5

Layton Greene hangs out in PnB’s dorm after class. PnB fills her on the gossip of going on his hall. Greene’s jaw drops when she finds out that the couple got expelled. Lil Baby says they messed with the dean’s daughter. Yung Miami walks in, carrying her books and puts them on the floor. Lil Baby asks if them are ready to see him play.

While they walk to the basketball court, he says one of the guys in the hall challenged to him a pick-up. Yung Miami says he’ll win. Lil Baby shakes his head and says he’s going to try. The guy claimed to be an All-State basketball star last year. She asks his name and searches for him online. She shows Greene and laughs. Yung Miami says the guy played but his team were lucky to win a game.

Yung Miami tells him he can do it as she stands at the fence with Greene. PnB writes down everyone’s bets and sits with him. PnB says they think the other guy is going to win. He counts the money and says they’ll be able to club for the rest of the semester. They cheer and whistle when Lil Baby scores a three-pointer. At the end of the game, Yung Miami smirks as she walks past the other guy and takes her money from PnB.

Greene says she’ll talk to them later. She has to study for an exam tomorrow. PnB puts his hand on his heart and pouts. Yung Miami says she’ll text her and pick her up when they get ready to go clubbing. Lil Baby says he’ll bring dinner for them. He has to study, too. Yung Miami and PnB exchange knowing glances. Lil Baby walks with Greene to the library.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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