Video Review: Clay Aiken “The Way”

Clay Aiken leans against a street lamp at night while in the city.

A 15-year-old young man stares at the 15-year-old young woman laying on the couch. She smiles at him while she pushes buttons on the controller.

He sits on a stool in the bar and watches a twentysomething couple play pool. The 15-year-old young man gets up and sits on the couch with the 15-year-old young woman. They hold hands.

A group of friends walk into a restaurant, wearing dresses and suits, while he sits at the counter. Each person has a piece of cake. They play spin the bottle with the Tabasco sauce. Two friends kiss.

Aiken walks on the sidewalk.

A thirtysomething couple hold hands as they walk their dog in the city. At the restaurant, a young woman glances over her shoulder at a young man. The twentysomething man puts one of the balls into the pocket. The twentysomething woman smiles at him. A second thirtysomething couple spends time in the park with their newborn. The young man and woman cuddle as they stand by the restaurant’s entrance. The 15-year-old young man walks to the 15-year-old young woman in the family room. They hug.

Clay Aiken continues to lean against the building.

Rating: 4.5/5

The twentysomething woman rolls up her sleeves of her hoodie as she watches her boyfriend take his turn at the pool table. She slumps her shoulders and exclaims she just doesn’t get the game. He stands behind her and helps her aim her cue. She sinks a ball in the pocket. During her next turn, she nearly misses it. He puts the ball in the pocket. It was the sweetest thing. He knew she was feeling dumb for not even getting a ball in the pocket. She squeezes his shoulder as she walks around the pool table during her turn.

They sit at the table and order some beers. The twentysomething woman bumps Clay Aiken’s arm and knocks a chicken wing out of his hands. She apologizes and offers him some of their appetizer. He says it’s not a big deal and comments he’s not a good at pool, either. She laughs and says she tried. Her boyfriend explains he’s been teaching her for almost four years and she still hasn’t got the hang of it yet. She says she likes to play, though. He says he was at a party at a friend’s house and beaned someone in the face with the pool cue. The twentysomething woman bursts out laughing. Aiken says the person had to go to the hospital. He felt so bad.

They introduces themselves. Aiken watches as her boyfriend rubs her back as they talk. He puts his head down and clears his throat. They were a lovely couple. However, it was a reminder that he didn’t have anyone. She whispers to him and takes out her credit card. Aiken says it was good meeting them. They tell him to have a nice night as he gets up.

Director: Diane Martel Year: 2003

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