Video Review: H.E.R. & YG “Slide”

H.E.R. holds a guitar as she waits backstage for her cue at the Lights On Fest. Fans hold up their phones and cheer.

She and several young men, in black hoodies and pants, stand by a warehouse as smoke filters through the air.

In black-and-white, YG raps.

In Vallejo, California, some young men pop wheelies on their bicycles as they ride. She cruises past a mural in her car. She faces the backseat as she dances on the passenger side of the car while her friend drives. They pass Bud’s Burgers. 

The young men, in the black hoodies and pants, dance behind H.E.R.

She and her friend do donuts near a parking structure. The subway rolls by while a group of people dance on the platform. They continue their routine in the train. A sign on the bridge states: “Mare Island Waterfront Public Access.”

She opens the car door and puts her left foot on the ground. The marquee on the Grand Lake Theater reads: “Oakland’s Historic Movie Plaza.” She and her friends dance by some murals. A few friends dance on top of the murals. People drive on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Purple rims on a bicycle spin. A twentysomething woman holds her baby and waves to her neighbor across the street.

YG performs on the screen during the concert.

Backstage, H.E.R. raises her hand and says, “I gotta do this one.” She explains that they are at the Lights On Fest in the Bay Area. She asks her bandmates to say “ye.” She claps her hands and counts to to three. She and her bandmates place their hands in the center of their huddle and shout “ye!”

Rating: 4.5/5

H.E.R. bites into a hamburger. Her mouth full, she says that she’s missed Bud’s Burgers so much. She slurps her soda and wipes her face with a napkin. Her friend asks if she remembers they used to eat them all the time. She exclaims “yes! Every weekend!” She says she’s been dreaming of the hamburgers. Clutching her stomach, she says she’s stuffed.

Her friend checks her phone and says there are some good movies playing. H.E.R. says she wants to go to Grand Lake. H.E.R. says she wants to see an action movie. Her friend says if they leave now, they’ll be able to see one of the showings of the current action movie. One of her friends makes a right and gets on the expressway. While they drive, she asks her friends if some of the murals are new. Her friend says they have been up for the last 6 months. H.E.R. takes a picture and says she needs to visit home more. One of her friends mentions that while she’s in town, her family wants to see H.E.R. Her friend shows her a picture of her cousin’s baby. H.E.R. exclaims “aww!” and says she wants to hold her. Her friend says she’ll be over during the weekend.

H.E.R. holds the baby. She coos and says she’s so pretty. Her friend’s cousin says she wishes she could’ve hung out longer last night. H.E.R. tells her it’s okay and she was glad she came to the show. The baby cries and she hands it over to her friend’s cousin. H.E.R. gives her a hug and says she has to get going. She was able to get some extra time off. However, she has to get back in the studio. Her friend’s cousin says they’ll have to get together again when she’s back in town again. H.E.R. puts on her jacket and says to her to “text her as much as she wants.” Her friend’s cousin nods and waves goodbye.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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