Video Review: JP Saxe & Julia Michaels “If The World Was Ending”

JP Saxe listens to the emergency alert on television. Emergency Alert Notification blinks in red on the television. He looks at his last few texts to his ex-girlfriend, Julia Michaels.

She reads the same texts as she sits on the floor. In a split screen, they both sit on their couches. On the left, Saxe looks out the window while on the right, she stares at her phone. They stand in their family rooms and face each other.

He sits on his bed. She holds her drink as she sits on the couch. In a split screen, Michaels leans against her sink on the left. To the right, he leans against his stove.

Saxe passes a fortysomething woman sits on the sidewalk and prays. He watches a fiftysomething man run with a flare. A couple hugs on the road. Behind the fence, a young woman mediates.

The sky glows an icy blue as Saxe sits across from Michaels on the floor of her family room. He touches her face and they hold hands. A white light shines in Michaels’ home as the emergency alert system shuts off.

Rating: 5/5

The Emergency Alert System breaks into the show on Julia Michaels’ television, announcing the end of the world. She checks her social media. Some people were talking about it. Her friends posted “what was that about” and shared articles about it. The news had reported it a few months back about an asteroid. It was determined not to be a threat and wasn’t mentioned again. She forgot about it, actually.

She checks the texts from her ex-boyfriend, JP Saxe. She’d been meaning to call him and say she was sorry. However, she figured he was with his parents or flown to Greece to get one last look. After hearing the news, he had told her to be prepared. She had shrugged it off and called him paranoid. He urged her to go to Greece with him or try to reconnect with her brother. She told there was no point.

While she went for a walk, her knees ached from the pressure in the air. She returned home with a pounding headache. Although it wasn’t really safe, she had to get out the house and try to think it was normal. But the pain had scared her. There wasn’t any way she was going to see Saxe again. He was the only person she cared about.

She opens her door and welcomes Saxe with a hug. He asks her if she’s doing okay. She shakes her head “no” and cries that she’s afraid. She says her parents have pushed her away and won’t respond to her calls anymore. He says he wouldn’t let her be alone. He tells her she’s beautiful and she cuddles on the couch with him. She wonders if there are hours or minutes left. He notices the white light shining in the sky. He tells her to close her eyes and hold him. The white shine light blinds him. She screams as the ground shakes. He buries his head in her shoulder.

Director: Jason Lester Year: 2019

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