Video Review: Nia Peeples “Kissing The Wind”

Lit in violet, Nia Peeples touches her thighs as she dances on the beach. Rain pours on a young man’s face. The rain drops on his bare chest. She touches her low-cut, sequined bustier as she dances within a tinsel decorated foundation.

She leans against a wall. Two shirtless young men run on the beach. They turn towards each other. One of the young man puts  his hand on the second man’s back. She bends over and touches her fishnet stockings. The two young men watch her as she dances behind the fence. She leans against a pole and dances in front of it for the two young men.

She throws her head back as the two shirtless young men carry on their shoulders.

Rating: 3/5

Nia Peeples explains her bustier was custom made to the two shirtless young men. The first young man copies her dance moves. The second young man writes down the designer and asks for the phone number. She bends over, letting them see her cleavage, and says they can take a look at once it’s on the floor. The first young man side-eyes her and says they’ll take pictures.

The second young man hands her a glass of wine and tells her she’s adorable. Peeples forces a grin and thanks them for the compliment. She gulps the wine and says she wants to go to the club tonight. The second young man says he knows just the place. The first young man says it may be just be too much for her. Peeples handwaves it and tells them she can handle anything.

The two young men dance in the bar together and invite her to get on stage. Peeples says she can’t and searches for a payphone. A young woman taps her on the shoulder and says she’s hot. Peeples excuses herself and hurries into the corner. She puts her head in her hands. The drag queen approaches her and tells her to keep her chin up. Peeples says it’s new for her. The drag queen puts her arm around Peeples and tells her they all felt that way once. She cringes and covers her chest with her arms. The two young men walk up to her and say there’s nothing to be afraid of. Peeples says she’s having a good time as she downs her drink. They tell her one of their friends is going to be perform in a few minutes. Peeples nods and says “okay.” The night couldn’t get anymore surreal.

Director: N/A Year: 1992


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