Video Review: Meghan Trainor & Nicki Minaj “Nice To Meet Ya”

Meghan Trainor holds her coffee and binders as she stands in the elevator. She glances at the men standing by her.

She sings against a navy background.

She carries coffee as she walks to her desk. A young man rolls his eyes in his office. She sits on a file cabinet. Several women dance by the copier.

Against a bubblegum pink background, the young men shake their heads. She sucks on a lollipop while dancing against the navy background. She joins the women in their routine at the copier.

She and the women dance in the aisle while the men talk on the phones. The men stand together against the pink background. She fluffs her hair as she walks in the bathroom with the women. One of the women applies blush to her face.

Lit in electric blue, one young woman puts her head through the blinds. The young man reads Nicki Minaj’s business card. It states that she’s the Boss Bitch of Trainor Industries.

Nicki Minaj raps in the elevator. A second young man peeks from the water cooler. Against a white background, three versions of the young man stand with sticky notes all over his body. Two women clink their drinks as they stand against the cobalt background.

Minaj spins in her chair in her office. Trainor stands next to her. Trainor and the women dance in the elevator. In Minaj’s office, she reads the Rise of the Boss Bitch.

Rating: 3/5

Meghan Trainor walks back to her desk and answers her phone. She informs the young men that they have a call. He tells her to send it to his voicemail. She presses the button and realizes it went to him directly. As she types in her spreadsheet, she checks her e-mail. The young man writes in his e-mail, “Just a reminder, please send calls to voicemail as directed.” She puts her head on her hands. The first young man was probably going to talk to her boss and get her written up.

In the break room, she waits for her coffee. One of the women walks up to her and says the twentysomething in sales got fired this morning. Trainor says she wasn’t surprised. The twentysomething woman broke the blinds after a meltdown. The woman says to her she thinks it was the stress from working here. Trainor says she understands that and relays her mistake with the young man. The women rolls her eyes and says he’d be an idiot to get her written up. A second woman pops in the break room and says they sent out an e-mail that a new manager will be starting on Monday. The new manager sent an e-mail about meeting them. They have to be in an hour earlier. Trainor exclaims that “a woman was hired?” The second woman says she can’t believe it, either.

Trainor explains in a meeting that the assistants are concerned about experiencing retaliation if they speak up. She’s been telling them it’s okay. However, they are still unsure. Minaj says she’ll schedule a meeting with them. Trainor says she thinks they need to hear from it her. Minaj says it’s going to take some time. Their last boss was horrible to everyone. Trainor says she’s right and that she has nothing else. Minaj says she doesn’t have any questions, either. Trainor gets up and walks back to her office. If it wasn’t for Minaj, she wouldn’t have gotten promoted. Minaj cleaned house and rid the company of the misogyny that ran rampant throughout it.

Director: Matthew Cullen Year: 2020

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