Video Review: Ne-Yo “Because of You”

Ne-Yo dances a pewter background. His girlfriend (Camila Alves) parks her car. They walk into the club together. A young woman watches as he puts his hand on his girlfriend’s back. He and his girlfriend sit on the couch. They laugh as they talk. He runs his hand on her leg. She gets up and motions for him to join her on the dancefloor.

As he stands up, the young woman puts her hands on her shoulder and gazes at him as she walks away. He stares at her and follows her into the bathroom. They make out in the bathroom and she leaves him. He washes his face.

Back at home, he sits on a chair in the bedroom and sips his drink. His girlfriend takes off her robe and crawls on the bed. They sleep together. As she sleeps, he runs his hand over his face. The young woman dives into the pool at her home. He checks his phone and sees it’s the young woman. He leaves his house.

At the young woman’s house, he watches her swim and kisses her by the pool. He returns back to home and sleeps with his girlfriend again. However, he pretends he’s with the young woman instead.

He continues to dance against the pewter background.

Rating: 5/5

Ne-Yo shuts the door quietly as he comes back inside. He tiptoes into the bedroom and gets back into the bedroom. He glances at his girlfriend and turns to the opposite side. She has to know. Each time he leaves in the middle of the night, she wakes up exactly 45 minutes later and says she wants to sleep with him again. He watches the clock and waits. The 45th minute passes by and he looks over his shoulder. Her eyes twitches as she sleeps. Perhaps she’s stopped caring. If so, it would be a relief.

His affair with the young woman caught him off guard. Things had become physical between them when he was with the club with his girlfriend. It was a blatant brush-off of his girlfriend as he left her on the dancefloor alone. He looked himself in the mirror and was ashamed of himself. It wasn’t who he was. However, he cared about the young woman.

The young woman says she understands he has to leave. He tells her she deserves better than some confused guy. The young woman puts her chin on his shoulder and says she’s willing to give him time. They are casual, anyhow. Ne-Yo retorts it’s not about sex. She says she’s happy either way. Ne-Yo says she shouldn’t be and walks away. Back at home, his girlfriend sits up in bed and says she couldn’t sleep. She asked him where he went. He said he just took a drive. She nods and puts her head down. He says he’s going to take a shower. She rests her head on her pillow and closes her eyes.

Director: Melina Matsoukas  Year: 2007

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