Video Review: Dua Lipa “Physical”

Lit in scarlet red, Dua Lipa walks towards a young man and takes off his jacket. She pulls a paper heart from him and blows on it. She touches his chest. They become animated as she reaches into his chest. Back in human form, Lipa looks at his heart in her palm.

She dances with the young man with a group of people on a ruby red circle. As she throws his heart, it forms a lavender diamond which hangs from the ceiling. Back in animated form, she holds his red heart in her lavender hand. Two cardinals land on it while sparkling dust falls from her hand.

Lit in royal blue, she sits on a car while people continue to dance. An animated heart beats. She and a group of people dance on a lavender lit stage. An animated Lipa takes two fingers and presses them into the heart. Back in human form, she and a second young man run to a plank.

Wearing olive green, they dance on clouds. In a lime green tank top and pants, she walks backwards towards a building while people dance single file. She encounters a second version of herself. In a canary yellow tank top and pants, she and several people spin on a circle. Her hands and the third young man’s hands animate as their fingers touch. She holds him as he slides on the edge of the yellow circle. The sparkles from her eyes animate and form a heart.

Dressed in an off-the-shoulder tangerine top and pants, she dances with a fourth young man.

Wearing a black, Saint Laurent minidress, she stands in the center. The young men and women wearing various colors of the their uniforms, run towards to her and then dance together.

Rating: 5/5

Dua Lipa places the first young man’s heart in her pocket. It was damaged and needed special care. Made of plastic, it no longer had any feeling. She squeezes it, turning it into a sparkling dust. Her heart thumps, the force of his emotion weakening her. As they dance, she receives her newly formed glass heart.

Dancing underneath a diamond, she listens to his secrets and thoughts. He was becoming person she wanted him to be. She kisses him on the lips and relishes the fever overheating her body. He puts his hand on her lips as they stare into one another’s eyes.

A second young man chases her to a plank. To him, love was a silent death. He dances with her and swings over the plank. She closes her her eyes, she could break though his hard heart. He lifts her up, his fear of her sinking into the unknown pool pulling her into his arms. Her fingers penetrate his heart. Butterflies and cotton cover her hands. He gazes at her and she leaps into his arms.

Director: Canada Year: 2020

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