Video Review: Glenn Lewis “Don’t You Forget It”

In New York City, New York, Glenn Lewis looks through his blinds in the morning. Wearing headphones, he lies on the floor surrounded by his favorite records.

A young woman carries a grocery bag as she walks out of 5th Street Market. A young man bumps into her and she gives him an experasted look. A group of men young men stare as she walks past them. Lewis sits up in the room. A puzzle painting of the young woman hangs above him. He touches the painting.

The young woman pauses to look at a posters of Lewis taped to a building. He sits by his vinyl collection and guitar. He gets his jacket and walks out of his apartment building. She takes the stairs to the subway as he drives off in his car. She takes the subway while he stands in the street.

He gets out of his car and searches for her name on list of people in her apartment building. She asks the clerk for help as she enters his apartment building. He dials her numbers and waits for her to buzz him inside. She sits on the bench. He peers through the gate and shakes his head as he walks back to his car. She wipes a tear from her eyes as she takes the subway.

Walking into her apartment, she closes the door and leans against it, sighing. He puts on his headphones and listens to music.

Rating: 2/5

The young woman puts the sour cream on the shelf in her refrigerator and closes the door. She glances at the clock and grabs her jacket. Glenn Lewis may be still home. It had been years since she talked to him. Back in high school, they had been friends. However, she had moved at the end of  freshman year after her parents’ divorce. Living with her mother had been difficult. She believed her mom was at fault for breaking up the family and she refused to listen to her.

Her grades started to slip. A teacher caught her smoking with her friends and suspended her. Her mother had grounded her. She had stolen some money from her and took a taxi to her dad’s. Her dad, though, had reminded her it wasn’t his week. She told him she couldn’t live with her mom anymore. He told her she had to go back home and there was nothing to do. He gave her cash and said to have a safe trip home. But she run away instead and tried drugs for the first time.

Once she was found, she returned back to her mother’s house. Her mother arranged her to hang out Lewis. Although she was happy about it, she’d feel as though he’d be ashamed of who she became. Lewis had come over and they hang out for awhile. Seeing him again, though, helped her get back on track.  During sophomore year, she worked to get her grades back up. By senior year, she was valedictorian. Lewis attended her graduation with her family.

Sometime during college, they lost contact again. She had seen his poster around the city and decided she’d stop by his apartment building. She was proud of him. He became a singer. It was what he wanted to do. Although she was working full-time at an office, she designed clothes on the side. She had hoped to sell some of her pieces to the local stores. But he hadn’t been home. She should’ve expected it, though. They hadn’t been in the same place at the same time for years.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

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