Video Review: Rihanna “Only Girl (In The World)”

In a taffy hued sky, Rihanna raises up her arms as she stands in a field. She falls into the flowers and plucks petals in the air. Wearing a cropped sweater and miniskirt, she covers her face with her shawl.

Wearing a white bustier and floral miniskirt, she tosses her shawl on the grass and dances in the middle of the mountain.  She smiles as the petals fly over her.

Wearing a white bra and boy shorts, she waves her knitted shawl around her as she dances around floating pastel  balloons. She leans against a rose pink flower. Kicking up her feet by the rose, she lies down.

Standing on a mountain, she spins around in her strapless dress. Wearing a white bodysuit with a train, she stands on a geometric structure. She tilts her head back as she swings into the sky.

She jumps in the sky as red fireworks go off in the sky. Lavender laterns light up the tree as she spreads out her arms. She dances by the tree and runs to it.

She continues to jump in the sky as the fireworks go off.

Rating: 5/5

Love was in the air. Rihanna walks barefoot on the mountain. Even the drab mountain transformed into a copper landscape. Her boyfriend told her he loved her yesterday and everything in the world seemed to be right. All her worries were gone. Someone cared about her. He was the special person in her life and will always be.

She picks some flowers and holds them as a bouquet. Her boyfriend had given her flowers. Before him, she passed by the garden and never planted a seed. However, she studies each flower and admires its bright color. He knew about many lovers and didn’t judge. After they slept together, it dawned on her she didn’t love any of men she’d been with.

While on their date, he teaches her how to ice skate. As she falls on the ice for the tenth time, she laughs. He reaches for her and she feels as though she’s known him forever. Despite the cold air, she’s warm and excited about her life. Each dream was achievable knowing her boyfriend would be with her.

Director: Anthony Mandler Year: 2010

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